inside HPC-Hyperion Research Interview: NSF’s Manish Parashar on the CHIPS and Science Act

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As part of insideHPC’s series of interviews on behalf of HPC analyst firm Hyperion Research, we spoke with Manish Parashar, National Science Foundation director of the Office of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (OAC). Our topic: the NSF’s role in the implementation of the CHIPS and Science Act, the $280 billion bill enacted last year by the U.S. government to boost domestic research and manufacturing of semiconductors.

This interview is based on a presentation Parashar gave at a special Hyperion event recently held in Washington. Highlights include:

  • Development of NSF Regional Innovation Engines, built to cultivate an innovation ecosystem throughout the U.S. and address major scientific/technological goals while solving societal challenges.
  • The nurturing of an equitable, agile, integrated and sustainable national cyberinfrastructure
  • NSF’s national and districtued Leadership-Class Computing Facility, designed to be a nexus for world-class computational capabilities
  • And NSF’s drive to nurtre an advanced and inclusive cyberinfrastructure ecosystem made up of diverse capabilities and capacity that democratizes access to advanced scientific computing resources