LiquidStack will primarily use the new funding to ramp up manufacturing, including the opening of a state-of-the-art facility in the United States. In addition to increasing manufacturing scale, the new facility will include research and development labs, factory acceptance testing and a service training center to support the demand and adoption of LiquidStack’s immersion cooling technology in hyperscale, cloud, colocation and edge computing applications. The company will dedicate funds to further invest in R&D, especially in the field of advanced dielectric fluids that reduce both global warming and ozone depletion while replacing environmentally harmful refrigerants. The company is also expanding sales, marketing and service delivery capabilities.

Two-phase immersion cooling drastically reduces data center direct and indirect carbon footprint to the tune of over 1,500 tons per MW versus air cooling. This results in a 40% reduction in mechanical equipment energy use vs. air cooling, 33% lower CAPEX, 32% lower TCO and up to 69% compaction of data center white space which translates to 32% less land use. A broader adoption of LiquidStack’s technology can also reduce water usage for powering and cooling data centers by over 300 billion liters per year. Whereas heat rejected from data centers is typically released into the atmosphere, the heat captured by LiquidStack’s technology can be repurposed for hot water supply, district heating or even high-tech agriculture applications.

“I am delighted that Trane Technologies has chosen to partner with LiquidStack at a time when demand for sustainable liquid cooling technology has never been greater,” said Joe Capes, CEO of LiquidStack. “Trane is a leader in the field of high efficiency heat rejection and repurposing solutions and is renowned for supporting technologies and companies that have a measurable positive impact on the environment. I am confident that this investment will accelerate LiquidStack’s business growth as we scale operations, diversify our solutions portfolio, focus on product cost reduction, continue investing in R&D and provide industry leadership for sustainable liquid cooling solutions.”

The agreement also brings together LiquidStack’s technology with Trane’s system design, application engineering, go-to-market team and existing portfolio to deliver differentiated value for global data center customers. Trane and LiquidStack customers will now have access to broader end-to-end solutions, including immersion cooling coupled with Trane’s industry-leading chillers, fluid coolers and heat recovery systems supported by world-class services.

“Trane Technologies is committed to bending the curve on climate change through innovative solutions that enable customers to drastically reduce their carbon footprint and meet their business and operating goals while doing the right thing for the planet,” said Amber Mulligan, vice president, Strategic Sales and Marketing, Commercial HVAC Americas, Trane Technologies. “We are excited to unlock new value for customers with expanded access to LiquidStack’s unique immersion cooling technology, which is raising the bar for sustainable data center cooling. Immersion cooling solutions will also help achieve our bold Sustainability Commitments, which includes reducing one billion metric tons of carbon emissions from our customers’ footprint by 2030 and achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.”