QuEra Partnering with NERSC on Quantum Evaluation

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Boston, March 23, 2023 – Quantum computing company QuEra Computing today announced a partnership with the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center giving NERSC access to QuEra neutral-atom technology. The partnership is intended to advance the center’s development of quantum computers and address problems in quantum dynamics, chemistry, high-energy physics and other fields.

NERSC, at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, has about 9,000 scientific users accessing the center’s HPC and data resources. QuEra said the partnership will begin this spring enabling NERSC’s users to evaluate the company’s Aquila quantum computer.

“It is a privilege to provide NERSC with access to QuEra’s quantum computing resources and to contribute to its ongoing efforts to increase its users’ computing capability. We believe the vast pool of scientists who turn to NERSC for computing resources stand to benefit greatly from our technology. It is our hope that through this partnership, we can help accelerate scientific breakthroughs in an array of disciplines,” said Alexander Keesling, CEO at QuEra Computing.

NERSC is acknowledged in more than 2,000 scientific publications annually, making it a world leader in enabling scientific discovery though large-scale computation and data analysis.

“Adding quantum computing and quantum simulation capabilities of this kind has the potential to impact a significant portion of NERSC’s user base, whose work is in sectors where there are direct applications for this technology,” said Richard Gerber, Senior Science Advisor and Head of the HPC Department at NERSC. “Technology is evolving quickly in the HPC space. This project will increase our capacity to better serve our users in the future and reflects NERSC’s commitment to providing the scientific community with new and advanced computational tools as they become available.”

For QuEra, this new partnership signals the opportunity to partner with NERSC in support of its mission to accelerate scientific discovery at the DOE Office of Science through high performance computing and data analysis. This not only allows QuEra to deliver value for users in the near-term, but also provides an opportunity to gain valuable insights into how users deploy the technology and enables the company to make adjustments that would potentially unlock even greater value for users.