ALCF AI Testbed’s Graphcore System Available to Researchers

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Graphcore Bow Pod64 at ALCF’s AI Testbed

April 28, 2023, Lemont, IL — The Argonne Leadership Computing Facility is accepting proposals to access the facility’s 22-petaFLOPS Graphcore Bow Pod64 at the ALCF AI Testbed.

Access is open to the global research community via an approved proposal submission.

The newest ALCF AI Testbed platform to be made available to researchers, the Graphcore Bow Pod64 is an Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU) system. IPUs are designed for common and specialized machine learning applications, and these novel processors are intended to help facilitate new AI techniques and model types.

In addition to Graphcore Bow IPUs, ALCF recently upgraded the Cerebras CS-2 system (consisting of two nodes) to a Cerebras Wafer-Scale Cluster and deployed eight nodes of the SambaNova DataScale SN30 Gen 2 system.

Researchers can submit project proposals for the Graphcore Bow IPUs, Cerebras CS-2, and SambaNova DataScale platforms via the ALCF’s Director’s Discretionary program. There is no submission deadline; proposals will be accepted throughout the year.

The ALCF offers this testbed user guide.  Contact with questions.