Commercialising Quantum Global Conference to be Held in London on May 17

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LONDON, April 19, 2023 — The 2023 version of the Commercialising Quantum Global conference, held for the first-time last year by The Economist Group, will take place again in London on Wednesday, May 17, featuring discussions with leaders in the quantum tech sector and commercial end users.
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The inaugural Commercialising Quantum Global event attracted more than 450 participants from 27 countries and over 2,000 virtual attendees. More than 140 global leaders in quantum and enterprise spoke across 73 different sessions.
This year’s event promises to deliver an even greater punch, with more than 600 attendees and 100 speakers. A second day, May 18, will deliver a virtual lineup of keynotes, panels and fireside chats and will be available to all worldwide, at no cost.
Participants will hear from representatives from enterprise, quantum, government and investment. Some organizations of note with speakers include, EY, IKEA, BMW, IBM Quantum, UK Government, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Quantinuum, SandboxAQ and Amadeus Capital Partners.
Roger McKinlay of UK Research and Innovation, who will be speaking at the event, said, “Commercialising Quantum Global 2023 is perfectly timed. The ‘if’ question has given way to one of when. Business, economic and societal benefits will come to those best positioned to take advantage of this immensely capable technology.”
During Day One, speakers and participants will explore the imminent commercial potential of quantum technology while discussing methods for maintaining transparency and measuring progress in the field. The event will guide executives across many industries, who must discern facts from hype and determine how to begin developing quantum capabilities within their own companies.
Herman Hauser of Amadeus Capital Partners, who will be speaking on the importance of technology sovereignty, noted, “Quantum cmputing and networking is reinventing the technology stack for both. It is the most exciting fundamental change since the start of classical computing 70 years ago.”
The conference will be held at ETC Venues, 133 Houndsditch, and will include networking sessions throughout the conference, enabling participants to engage one-on-one with experts from the quantum tech landscape and the business sector. Taken together, the expertise delivered from the stage and the face-to-face interactions at the event make this conference indispensable for those seeking to grow to be at the forefront of this rapidly progressing sector.
Sponsorships and speaking slots are nearly filled, but those interested in either may contact the event organizers immediately to inquire about opportunities still open. Registration is now open for the in-person Day one event, as well as those wishing to sign up for the virtual day.