@HPCpodcast: A Free-Ranging Discussion on Today’s AI Ferment and the Impacts of Generative AI

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In this time of AI ferment, in which one new phenomenon – e.g., generative AI – lands on the scene and quickly morphs into new sub-phenomena with free-ranging impacts, we decided to check in with a thoughtful voice in the AI community, Tim Crawford, CIO, strategic advisor and founder of AVOA, an Los Angeles-based research and advisory firm.

Tim Crawford

We’ve seen Tim quoted in national publications of late in discussions around the ethics, legality, variations and risks of ChatGPT and other generative AI-related technologies, and invited him to share some of his thinking with us. Our discussion ranges from the notion of regulating AI, the technical mismatch between our political representatives (who could be tasked with wrting AI regulations) and the AI industry, the viability of the six-month moratorium  on AI R&D ( called for in a letter signed by 2,000 AI experts, some of whom are avidly pursuing AI R&D), and the use of curated data sources for custom generative AI applications vs general-purpose ChatGPT.

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