At ISC 2023: AMD Talks TOP500-GREEN500, the New EPYC 9004 CPU and MI300A GPU Accelerator and AMD’s Strides in HPC-AI

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At ISC 2023, we talked with AMD Product Manager Mahesh Balasubramanian, who with his usual enthusiasm updated us a host of items, including:

  • New EPYC CPUs (including more than 300 performance records) and Instinct GPU AI accelerators (including information on the upcoming MI300A, recently revealed by CEO Lisa Su and due for launch later this year)
  • The company’s growing presence on the TOP500 and GREEN500 lists of the world’s most powerful and energy efficient supercomputers
  • A new supercomputer from Atos (Eviden) for the Max Planck Society powered by 4th Gen EPYC processors and Instinct MI300 accelerators for research around astrophysics, life science research, materials research, plasma physics and AI
  • Other AMD-powered supercomputers (LUMI, Adastra) in Europe
  • An overall progress report on AMD in HPC-AI


  1. Mahesh is such a good speaker. Clear on messaging, good pace, engaging, entertaining. As a public speaking coach, I applaud his style. Easy to listen to and easy to follow. Bravo.