ISC 2023: HPC Experts’ Thoughts on Making the Most of the Conference

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ISC 2023, one of the biggest supercomputing confabs of the year, will be held May 21-25 in Hamburg, and for those days the conference will be the place to be in HPC. If last year’s ISC marked a big step in coming out from under the pandemic shadow, let’s hope this year’s event leaves it completely behind us.

ISC 2023 will have 147 exhibitors, 15 percent more than last year, along with hundreds of items on the conference’s extensive agenda: keynotes, sessions, off-site events – all that. Getting the most of the conference calls for good time management and good judgment. As an assist to attendees we spoke with three industry thought leaders – Katie Antypas of NERSC, Earl Joseph of Hyperion Research and Addison Snell of Intersect360 Research – about conference events, keynotes and potential news developments they think will be worthy of your attention.

We discuss key topics and technologies ; significant HPC market trends (HPC software, cloud HPC, digital twins and the need for greater diversity in HPC); the explosion of HPC-AI; the arrival of exascale supercomputing; and potential changes to the TOP500 list of the world’s most powerful supercomputers.

We hope you find the conversation helpful.


  1. talking about AI for HPC: one of the most illuminating contributions I have seen is this:

    AI to help turbulent flow modeling,

    And this was in 2021, yes before AI became a buzzword.
    Now, I have gone through this year’s agenda a couple of times and it is no where near that level