At ISC 2023: AWS’s Debra Goldfarb Talks Cloud HPC Growth and the Fight against Global Food Insecurity

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At ISC 2023, we spoke with Debra Goldfarb, director, HPC Products and Strategy at Amazon Web Services. As part of the conference’s “HPC Solutions Forum” series, Goldfarb delivered a presentation on “Harnessing the Power of HPC to Bend the Curve on Global Food Insecurity” in which she reviewed the scale of the problem (800 million people around the world live in food insecurity) and how AWS’s HPC-AI compute and analytics resources are helping researchers better understand the scale and sources of the problem, and how to address them more effectively.

The good news, she said, is that from a research perspective, the issue has progressed “from an intractable problem to a stochastic one” in which AWS research partners are acquiring critical new insights.

Goldfarb also discusses “tremendous growth” in demand for cloud HPC-AI, stating that the market has reached an inflection point increasingly characterized by implementations of production-class deployments.


  1. A proofpoint that HPC, AI and cloudcomputing are the way to go. This presentation makes the keynote slide ‘follow the money ‘ – which is about FAANG in the driver’s seat, stand out.