Expedera Opens Its First European Development Center

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SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 27, 2023 — Expedera Inc, a provider of scalable neural processing unit (NPU) semiconductor intellectual property, today announced the opening of its new European regional engineering development center in Bath, UK. This is the company’s fourth design center focusing on edge AI inference, with additional locations in Santa Clara (USA), Shanghai, and Taipei.

“Europe is a growing market for edge AI hardware due to the increasing adoption of AI technologies across automotive, IoT, and consumer device industries,” said Wendy Wu, head of business development and product at Expedera. “The United Kingdom is a key hub in this region, making it an ideal choice for Expedera and numerous other AI companies that have made it their home base.”

The European Artificial Intelligence (AI) hardware market is expected to grow at a 15.2% CAGR through 2026, according to IDC in a February 2023 report. Opening a regional office enables Expedera to market its world-class AI edge inference processing engines to regional companies developing and deploying a wide range of visual, audio, and text-based neural networks.

“We are very proud and excited about the new location, which offers a unique mix of premier talent and proximity to customers,” said Da Chuang, co-founder and CEO of Expedera. “As our first European design center, our presence in the UK enables us to establish closer ties with European clients. It positions us to introduce our IP offerings to local silicon designers, allowing the company to continue to grow.”