HPC News Bytes: SC23, China Tech Export Controls, Linux Wars Expand, Chiplet Scale-out, Quantum

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Happy Monday! Here’s this week’s HPC News Bytes podcast for 20230717, a quick compendium of the most important news in HPC, AI, quantum and other advanced technologies. This week, Shahin and Doug discuss:

– SC23 registration opens

– China technology export controls and Intel shipping lesser SKUs

– Linux-Red Hat wars expand

– Chiplet scale-out, or is it cloud?

– Quantinuum tackles the hydrogen molecule (H2), it’s a start

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  1. Stack Korora says

    Full disclosure – I work on Rocky Linux and am a team lead. I’m posting on my own initiative.

    Timestamp: 2:12 – “…this has set off a lot of response from Alma Linux, Oracle, CIQ, SuSE, among others…”
    Rocky is not CIQ and CIQ is not Rocky. By mentioning CIQ with the other distros, but not mentioning Rocky it seems like you are equating the two.

    While CIQ is a valuable sponsor, they do not speak on behalf of Rocky. There are many of us who work on Rocky that do not have business relationships with CIQ nor interact with CIQ outside of their employees who also work on Rocky. Similarly, there are several valuable sponsors of Rocky who have also been speaking out about these news events. While we greatly appreciate our sponsors and their support, they do not have any more sway over Rocky then any other member.

    The RESF and Rocky charter is very clear that membership is earned by community participation, it can not be bought, and no one company can hold power over Rocky.

    Thanks! And keep up the informative podcasts! I enjoy the in depth interviews and I am liking the new short-form news recaps too.