Bito Launches AI that Understands Developers’ Codebase

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October 3, 2023 — Bito, an AI software platform designed to improve developers’ productivity, said it has launched AI that can understand a developer’s code. Bito said the new super-personalized functionality helps developers write, refactor and explain their code. It also helps them with debugging and generating test cases.  

AI, like ChatGPT, only provides generic answers, or answers based on limited information that the user provides. Bito’s AI acts like a personalized coding companion that knows developers’ codebase inside and out and can answer any questions related to the codebase and generate code in consideration of developers’ preferences and their best practices.

With such a powerful AI companion, Bito is transforming the way developers use AI in their software development process. Many developers Bito surveyed claimed Bito made them nearly twice as productive.

Bito’s AI is secure and can be tailored to suit different codebases and developer needs, making it applicable to the wide gamut of coding mandates across multiple sectors. Bito deploys a vector database locally on the user’s machine. So, when a user asks Bito a question, that query is converted into a vector and is compared to other vectors nearby. This returns the relevant search results, which allows developers to perform searches not on keywords, but on meaning.

“Bito is instrumental in unraveling intricate code logic, empowering us to conquer complexity by aiding in the creation of corner cases and automating tasks in our preferred programming language. Its contributions have greatly expedited our development processes and enabled the crafting of highly optimized code,” said Bilal Peerzade, Big Data Analytics & QA Manager at PubMatic.

“Our groundbreaking new functionality gives developers easy access to a detailed and very secure overview of their entire codebase. The solution can be highly-personalized, and it enables entirely new levels of developer team collaboration,” said Amar Goel, Co-Founder and CEO of Bito.

Bito is the first AI software tool to release this functionality. The solution is available via Bito’s 10X Developer Plan.