At ISC 2024: Andrew Whitmore on Motivair, Exascale Cooling and Innovations in Thermal Management

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At ISC 2024 we caught up with Andrew Whitmore, Vice President of Sales at Motivair, whose cooling technology is at the heart of the first three U.S. exascale-class systems: Frontier, Aurora and El Capitan. That said, Motivair delivers thermal management solutions “from silicon on out,” a comprehensive set of products ranging from data center and IT cooling, to direct-to-chip liquid cooling technology, to Motivair’s Dynamic Cold Plate offering resilient thermal performance while minimizing the risk of fluid contamination and supply chain disruptions. And the company delivers custom support that tailors solutions to customers’ unique challenges.

In this interview, Whitmore discusses not only the company’s current offerings but also its cooling vision for the future as system and data center sustainability becomes an increasingly complex and challenging need.

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