Hyperion Research Announces AI Advisory Committee

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ST. PAUL, Minn., May 13, 2024 – HPC-AI industry analyst firm Hyperion Research has launched an expanded AI focus with the announcement of the Hyperion Research AI Advisory Committee, designed to help the community better understand and navigate the evolution of AI through research and share ideas, best practices and areas of

The AI Advisory Committee consists of a global base of members from the AI ecosystem (e.g., users, vendors, CSPs, academic experts) who can share their insights on AI
technologies, topics, models, issues, approaches, and/or AI use cases. Topics to be discussed and researched include:

– Hardware: Analyzing the fit of different processors and GPUs/accelerators for different computationally intensive AI workloads.
– Architecture: Pros and cons of different system designs: where each approach works best by application type, job sizes, data types and their trade-offs, and on-prem and
cloud options.
– Software: Analyzing and evaluating the end user software environment, software infrastructure, applications, tools, foundational models, etc.
– Emerging Trends: Tracking and evaluating, new models, new approaches, best practices, etc.
– End use cases: Characterizing AI usage in all parts of the workflow.

“With the fast changing dynamics in AI, we are emphasizing real-time analysis of the issues, transformations, what’s working and what users are looking for,” said Hyperion Research CEO Earl Joseph.

For more information: https://hyperionresearch.com/expanded-ai-program/ or email Joseph at ejoseph@hyperionres.com.

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