Argonne HPC Webinar July 17: Getting Started on Polaris and Nvidia Developer Tools Bootcamp

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On Wednesday, July 17, 2024, 11 amf-1 pm Central Time, the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility will hold an online webinar to introduce attendees to the Polaris computing environment. Aimed at participants who have experience using clusters or supercomputers, the bootcamp will cover the PBS job scheduler, utilizing preinstalled environments, proper compiler and profiler use, Python environments, and running Jupyter notebooks.

Registration information is here.

ALCF’s JaeHyuk Kwack and Taylor Childers will let attendees know where these tools are located and which ones to use.

The second segment of this webinar will be focused on NVIDIA Developer Tools. These tools are available for detailed performance analysis of HPC applications running on the Polaris system’s NVIDIA A100 GPUs. In this session, several use cases of Nsight Systems and Nsight Compute will be presented via a demo with simple HPC benchmarks on Polaris.

All the tutorials are available on the GitHub repository and this bootcamp will feature a live demonstration which users can run at the same time and ask questions to get help. Please note, to follow along with the speakers you need to have an existing account for ALCF Polaris system.

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