Asperitas Launches Direct Forced Convection Immersion Cooling

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Amsterdam – June 25, 2024 – Thermal management company Asperitas today launched Direct Forced Convection technology, designed to enable scale, power and reliability across multiple workloads, including HPC and AI.

The company said DFC technology offers advanced levels of performance available in the immersion cooling market. Enabling scale-up and a cooling capacity beyond 3.6kW per U, the Asperitas DFC is intended to ensure that high power density components at chip and chassis levels are precision cooled with a low power overhead. This allows datacentres to stack more powerful servers in a smaller footprint without the risk of overheating, a crucial consideration for datacentre efficiency. Direct Forced Convection ensures that customers can deliver workloads with the high energy efficiency associated with immersion and the exceptionally reliable reputation of Asperitas.

First to market is the 12U Direct Forced Convection platform, which is the building block for the unique scalable system. This enables organisations to build out highly performant environments to meet their business requirements today while readying them for accelerated demand. The expert Asperitas thermal management IP is embedded in the DFC cooling technology, enabling high flow delivery across the servers with the ability to modulate and target that flow at specific locations in the chassis. The true power of Asperitas DFC is fully leveraged regardless of IT equipment used or deployment location, with the precision cooling exceeding power distribution limits.

“Asperitas is again charging ahead in the development of paradigm shifting solutions for datacentre thermal load management.” said Rutger de Haij, Asperitas CEO. “Our unique innovation is providing a solid and differentiating platform for meeting and beating the at-scale needs of our growing global customer base. Current forced convection immersion solutions only partially exploit the potential of the technology, principally in the heat exchanger and relying on bulk flow in the tank local to the IT. As such, it effectively inhibits datacentre owners from achieving the economic, environmental and density performance promised at the heart of forced immersion cooling. Our approach fully leverages forced convection throughout the thermal path from silicon to water. This is facilitated by embedded technology distributing the flow and a novel tank-server interface bringing targeted cooling without the need to redevelop the server chassis. Our customers get to experience the latest and greatest in silicon engineering. Asperitas has opened the door to a new era where cooling is no longer the limiting factor.”

Modern applications, including artificial intelligence, big data analytics and blockchain, require advanced processors that can perform complex computations. These components consume significant power and produce substantial heat. The Asperitas DFC technology can handle densities exceeding 2000W per socket, meaning that CPUs and GPUs can operate at their full potential, free from thermal limitations. This capability is especially critical for large scale deployments and mounting AI workloads, where sustained high performance is essential.

Maikel Bouricius, Asperitas CGO, commented, “I’m excited that Asperitas offers Direct Forced Convection, complementing our Perpetual Natural Convection technology for any cooling requirement, at any location. Through our partnerships with leading OEMs such as Dell Technologies, we were encouraged to remove cooling barriers to allow for more performance. With Intel, we brought our collective expertise together to unlock the full capability of their leading-edge chip technology. Our platforms facilitate datacentre readiness for the demanding workloads of today and for the future and I’m delighted for Eurofiber to be the first user of our 12U DFC platform as part of the pan-European IPCEI MISD project. At a time when datacentres are tasked with managing increasingly powerful servers and components that generate increasing thermal loads, I know Asperitas will continue to lead, disrupt, and innovate at every step.”

Designed to drive and enable customers to meet evolving compute demand, the Asperitas DFC platform scales from as few as 12U. The Direct Forced Convection 12U tank is now available for pre-order and customers can discuss individual options upon request.

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