@HPCpodcast: A Deep Dive into the Stanford AI Index Report

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For an analysis of the state of AI, the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI (HAI) produces an annual AI Index that breaks down the industry into key thematic areas. In this Lenovo-sponsored episode of the @HPCpodcast, Shahin and Doug are joined by HAI Research Manager Nestor Maslej to discuss HAI’s latest report, identify the more unexpected findings (including job types where AI is most impacting employee productivity and work quality) and the countries and regions ranked by AI research and innovation.

Nestor Maslej, Stanford HAI

Nestor, who has degrees from Harvard and Oxford and is also a fellow at the Center for International Governance Innovation, helped drive this year’s 502-page report covering a range of topics in nine chapters:

1) Research and Development

2)Technical Performance

3) Responsible AI

4) Economy

5) Science and Medicine

6) Education

7) Policy and Governance

8) Diversity

9) Public Opinion

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