Rambus Unveils PCIe 7.0 IP Portfolio for Data Center and AI SoCs

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  • PCIe 7.0 Controller designed to deliver the high bandwidth, low latency, and robust performance required for next-generation AI and HPC applications
  • PCIe 7.0 Retimer for highly-optimized, low-latency data path for signal regeneration
  • PCIe 7.0 Multi-port Switch that is physically aware to support numerous architectures
  • XpressAGENTto enable customers to rapidly bring-up first silicon

Rambus PCIe 7.0 Controller IP key features include:

  • Supports PCIe 7.0 specification including 128 GT/s data rate
  • Implementation of low-latency Forward Error Correction (FEC) for link robustness
  • Supports fixed-sized FLITs that enable high-bandwidth efficiency
  • Backward compatible to PCIe 6.0, 5.0, 4.0, etc.
  • State-of-the-art security with an IDE engine
  • Supports AMBA AXI interconnect

Rambus PCIe 7.0 Retimer IP key features include:

  • Supports PCIe 7.0 specification x2 to x16 lanes
  • Pre-integrated Xpress Agent debug analysis IP
  • Highly-configurable equalization algorithms with adaptive behaviors
  • Power modes and intelligent clock gating to best manage controller IP

Rambus PCIe 7.0 Switch IP key features include:

  • Highly scalable up to 32 ports configurable external or internal endpoints
  • Physically aware to account for port placements across large die
  • Superior performance through non-blocking architecture
  • Allows seamless migration from FPGA prototyping design to ASIC/SoC production design with the same RTL

Rambus PCIe XpressAGENT key features include:

  • Non-intrusive, intelligent, in-IP debug/logic analyzer for PCIe Controller, Retimer and Switch IP enabling rapid first-silicon bring-up
  • Integrates with any PIPE compliant SerDes
  • Provides unified access to PHY, MAC and Link Layers locally or remotely via a CPU-agnostic API
  • Provides pre-emptive monitoring and diagnosis via remote access for infield products

In addition to the PCIe IP portfolio, Rambus also offers industry-leading interface IP for HBM, CXL, GDDR, LPDDR, and MIPI. For more information, visit www.rambus.com/interface-ip.

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