RAVEL Adds to Executive Team

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Seattle – June 27, 2024 – RAVEL Inc (formerly StratusCore) today announced the addition of three new members of its executive staff – Philippa Carroll, Kaveh Gourdarzian, and Chad Knowles.
The experienced new team will help RAVEL not only grow its current digital content creation audience, but also bring the company’s technology to larger enterprises with heavier compute needs and more complex workflows that now include AI technologies, such as oil, gas and energy, computer technology, and healthcare.
Over a decade ago, RAVEL developed the first virtual studio for remote and hybrid digital media teams and organizations, providing access to remote compute, software, and rendering power for creative teams. Having become experts at managing complex workflows and heavy workloads, RAVEL now looks to expand its use across entire organizations, inline with the adoption of AI workflows, in areas such as cybersecurity & fraud detection, content and asset search, and legal contract analysis. Key to that effort are the new hires and a new, agnostic technology solution for DevOps and IT teams called RAVEL Orchestrate that provides an easy-to-use interface for automating the assembly and deployment of software, hardware, virtualization, and security across entire organizations, whether that deployment happens on-premises, in the cloud, or both.
The experienced executive team will help grow RAVEL’s current business in content creation and expand into new, complimentary markets where, thanks to the wide-scale adoption of AI and Generative AI, the need to manage even heavier workloads and complex workflows is equally as strong. The new executives include:
Philippa Carroll, Chief Product Officer – Philippa is a product and marketing specialist who has honed her skills at both small and large organizations, bringing products to market across a wide range of creative industries. From launching video games onto the latest platform, to managing products and marketing for innovative, high-growth software companies including Foundry, Isotropix, and Glassbox Technologies, Philippa is passionate about crafting products for new markets and users. She now brings that experience to RAVEL, where she’s building the product management and marketing team, and molding its products to better fit current and new vertical markets.
Kaveh Gourdarzian, VP, Product and Engineering – Kaveh is a product “builder” who specializes in taking products from concept to completion. From FizzyLab to Microsoft to VMWare and Amazon, he’s worked at small and large organizations alike where he’s led product planning, design, development, and management. Equally important is his experience developing products at the forefront of innovation. He comes to RAVEL to help build products that are as seamless and intuitive to its customers as they are innovative in their approach to managing complexity.
Chad Knowles, Chief Revenue Officer – Chad is a four-time entrepreneur with successful exits who has worked on the edge of innovation in start-ups and large organizations alike. He not only has vast experience developing and executing go-to-market strategies with new technological business solutions, but he has also proven time and again, his ability to grow revenue through strategic partnerships and by expanding companies into new markets. Chad brings that same drive and experience to RAVEL, where he’ll deepen ties to the company’s existing markets while seeking new opportunities in complementary markets.
“Not only have I known each of these talented executives for ten-plus years, but I know what each of them is capable of and how they will rapidly accelerate this business to meet the demands of our much-needed orchestration software,” said Denise Muyco, CEO of RAVEL, who co-founded the company with existing Chief Architect, David D’Andrea. “While they bring vast operational and managerial experience to our staff from every size of organization, they are also entrepreneurs at heart who are unafraid of rolling up their sleeves and delivering creative new ways to overcome challenges. It’s a thrill to be working alongside every one of them.”

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