CoolIT Systems Launches Three Coolant Distribution Units

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Calgary, AB, July 9, 2024 – CoolIT Systems (CoolIT) announces the launch of three new models in its lineup of Coolant Distribution Units (CDUs): AHx240, AHx180 and CHx500.

These CDUs are engineered to meet the most demanding direct liquid cooling requirements for artificial intelligence (AI), high-performance computing (HPC), and enterprise computing applications – delivering exceptional performance, density, efficiency and reliability.

The AHx240 and AHx180 set new standards in liquid-to-air CDUs. The AHx240 is the industry’s highest-capacity CDU, providing over 240 kW in a 2-rack footprint; while the AHx180 delivers 180 kW with a design optimized to operate within standard data center airflow ranges. These self-contained systems eliminate the need for external facility water and enable data center operators to deploy the highest-density AI workloads without a significant investment in new infrastructure.

CoolIT’s CHx500 liquid-to-liquid CDU provides scalable cooling for high-density computational workloads. Four CHx500 units can be stacked to provide an unprecedented 2 MW of heat management in a single rack. The CHx500 platform is the highest-performance, highest-density liquid-to-liquid CDU available. Supporting ASHRAE W45 cooling, it facilitates efficient heat reuse and sets a new standard for sustainable and high-performance data center cooling solutions.

“Our engineering team has designed these new CDUs to deliver the highest performance and density in the industry, with flow rates that meet the demanding requirements for AI systems,” explained Patrick McGinn, Chief Operating Officer of CoolIT. “We are excited to be producing these products in our new Canadian facility, at scale, and with immediate availability.”

Combined with servers equipped with CoolIT’s OMNI all-metal coldplates available from leading server OEMs and CoolIT manifolds, CoolIT’s CDUs deliver the highest-performing, most reliable end-to-end cooling solution in the market.  For example, an AHx240 CDU with a CoolIT optimized end-to-end solution can cool up to four NVIDIA GB200 NVL72 racks. As the demand for liquid cooling grows due to increasingly powerful AI processors and denser server workloads, efficient and reliable operation becomes even more crucial.

“We have substantially expanded our industry-leading production facilities to meet the rising demand for direct liquid cooling” commented Hamid Rafiei, Senior Vice President of Global Operations at CoolIT. “Our customers can expect a CDU that meets their unique needs, from maximum cooling capacity with the AHx240 and AHx180 to maximum scalability and flexibility with the CHx500.”

Units are currently in production and shipping from CoolIT’s Canadian manufacturing facility. For more information and technical specifications, visit AHx240AHx180 and CHx500.

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