Editor and Data Scientist Daniel Gutierrez on the Relaunch of insideAI News: Illuminating AI’s Frontiers

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Last week, we announced that insideHPC’s sister publication, insideBIGDATA, has been relaunched and rebranded as insideAI News, reflecting the evolution of data analytics and data science into the broad-based application of artificial intelligence.

In this interview with insideAI News editor-in-chief Daniel Gutierrez, he discusses the revamped platform and its lineup of comprehensive coverage of AI technology and implementation strategies across multiple industries, including healthcare, security, financial services, automation and agriculture.

Gutierrez is a rare commodity among technology journalists covering AI: he’s a data scientist who has written data science books and teaches the subject at UCLA. Having entered the field nearly 25 years ago, he likes to say he has been in data science and now AI for as long as anybody.

The new insideAI News site aims to serve as the go-to resource for enterprise C-level executives, management teams, and AI deployment specialists worldwide. With its expanded focus, the publication will deliver in-depth analysis, expert commentary, and the latest developments in AI technology and its real-world applications.

Here Gutierrez talks about the factors driving the publication relaunch, the key verticals insideAI News will cover, and the major trends driving the use of large data sets and how that’s impacting data science and AI.

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