MSBAI Secures DOE ASCR Frontier Aurora HPC Allocation

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LOS ANGELESJuly 1, 2024 — AI company MSBAI has been awarded an allocation on the Department of Energy’s leadership-class supercomputers through the ASCR Leadership Computing Challenge (ALCC) program. This grant will accelerate the development of GURU, MSBAI’s autonomous system that designed to reduce modeling and simulation setup time from hours to minutes.

The project, titled “Autonomy for DOE Simulations,” will leverage 100,000 node-hours on the Frontier exascale system at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and 30,000 node-hours on Aurora at Argonne National Laboratory. This significant computing power will drive advancements in hybrid interaction, skills agent learning, and geometry search and synthesis – key components of GURU’s AI-driven workflow automation.

Allan Grosvenor, Principal Investigator at MSBAI, stated, “This ALCC award is a game-changer for our development of GURU. By harnessing the power of DOE’s world-leading supercomputers, we’re poised to make even more unprecedented leaps in AI-driven engineering design and simulation.”

MSBAI‘s approach aligns closely with critical national priorities:

  1. Accelerating clean energy innovation: GURU’s ability to streamline complex simulations supports faster development of advanced reactor designs, crucial for meeting the White House’s goal of 100% carbon pollution-free electricity by 2030
  2. Enhancing U.S. competitiveness: By dramatically reducing the time and expertise required for advanced simulations, GURU democratizes access to high-performance computing (HPC), potentially unlocking $30 trillion in new product revenues across multiple industries
  3. Advancing AI technologies: The project pushes the boundaries of AI applications in scientific computing, supporting DOE’s mission to lead in artificial intelligence research and development
  4. Workforce development: GURU’s user-friendly interface addresses the critical shortage of simulation experts, expanding the pool of engineers capable of leveraging advanced modeling tools

MSBAI said the allocation positions MSBAI at the forefront of the AI-driven engineering revolution, with potential applications spanning energy, automotive, aerospace, and beyond. The company’s unique approach to autonomous software navigation and multi-modal AI interaction presents a compelling opportunity for investors looking to capitalize on the next wave of AI innovation in critical infrastructure and product development.

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