TII Quantum Technology Symposium January 27-29 in Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi, UAE – 2nd July 2024: The Technology Innovation Institute (TII), a scientific research center and the applied research pillar of the Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), will host researchers and quantum technology professionals at the TII Quantum Technology Symposium, Monday-Wednesday, Jan. 27-29, 2025.

Following the United Nation’s recent declaration to name 2025 as the International Year of Quantum Science and Technology, the introduction of this landmark event will bring together globally-renowned experts in the field to discuss the latest advancements and applications in quantum technology. As an official partner of the UN’s initiative, TII’s event will provide a platform for networking, collaboration, and the exchange of groundbreaking ideas to the global quantum community.

Through panel discussions and moderated sessions, research paper presentations, and robust debate, the TII Quantum Technology Symposium will explore the future impact of quantum science. Confirmed speakers already include:

  • Prof. Dr. Artur Ekert, Professor of quantum physics at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, and winner of Maxwell Medal and Prize (1995), Descartes Prize (2004), Hughes Medal (2007), Fellow of the Royal Society (2016), and the Micius Quantum Prize (2019).
  • Prof. Dr. Rosario Fazio, Head of the Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics, International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, winner of the International “Luigi Tartufari” prize from the Accademia Nazionale Lincei (2016), the “Google Quantum Research Award” (2019) and an ERC Advanced Grant (2022).
  • Prof. Dr. Piet O. Schmidt, Head of the Institute for Experimental Quantum Metrology, PTB, Braunschweig, Professor at Leibniz Universität Hannover, and member of the German Academy of Science and Engineering.
  • Prof. Dr. John M. Martinis, Quantum Computing team leader at Google Quantum A.I. Lab and 2021 John Stewart Bell Prize winner.

Dr. Najwa Aaraj, CEO, Technology Innovation Institute, commented: “This symposium is being held as part of the world’s celebrations of 100 years of quantum sciences to recognize the significant impact of the field and lay the foundations for the years to come. The TII Quantum Technology Symposium, reinforces UAE’s position as a hub for innovation, and a place for those leading the field to convene and discuss future initiatives.”

As Chief Researcher of TII’s Quantum Research Center, Prof. Dr. José Ignacio Latorre, said: “I have spent my career dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and furthering our understanding of physics, quantum, and impact these cutting-edge disciplines have on society. I am excited to discuss and debate the latest developments with my peers from around the world. The investment of the UAE’s leadership in pushing the boundaries of science is testament to their commitment to solving such critical challenges that will shape the world of tomorrow.”

Further information on additional speakers and the event’s agenda will be made available later in the year, and will be shared, along with attendance registration on the official website: www.qts.tii.ae

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