Zapata AI and D-Wave Quantum Announce Expanded Partnership for Generative AI

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BOSTON and PALO ALTO, CA — July 8, 2024 — Zapata Computing Holdings Inc. (“Zapata AI”) (Nasdaq: ZPTA), an industrial generative AI software solutions company, and D-Wave Quantum Inc. (NYSE: QBTS) today announced a expansion to their joint commercial partnership, designed to accelerate the development and delivery of integrated quantum and generative AI solutions in D‑Wave’s Leap cloud platform.

The new agreement leverages Zapata’s proprietary Universal Generative AI software for rapid development and builds upon D-Wave’s Leap real‑time quantum cloud service to support quantum, hybrid quantum, and classical AI solutions. The joint development work will focus on improved and more energy efficient model training, more performant models, and the synergistic use of Generative AI and quantum optimization.

“We are pleased to expand our go-to-market and technology partnership with a visionary leader in quantum computing, and to deepen the strategic collaboration between our teams,” said Christopher Savoie, CEO and co-founder of Zapata AI. “In addition to the business value we’re delivering to customers through our Universal Generative AI solutions, which combine time-series data computational models and large language model (LLM) optimization, this agreement also enables Zapata to provide the precious compute capacity which enterprises are so desperate for as they deepen their investment in generative AI applications to solve complex business problems.”

The expanded partnership comes as quantum computing is beginning to demonstrate how it could enable more accurate and efficient AI model training, as well as leveraging the predictive capabilities of AI to deliver better-optimized business processes. Quantum computing stands to supercharge AI for certain enterprise use cases and drive sustainability, lower cost, and operational efficiency. This means quantum computing could help boost AI advancement for complex, massively scaled computational models, deep learning, natural language processing, and computer vision – without consuming enormous amounts of energy.

“Our strategic relationship with Zapata AI brings us another step closer to delivering to our customers the transformative combined power of Universal Generative AI and quantum computing in a single cloud platform,” said Dr. Alan Baratz, CEO of D-Wave. “Zapata AI has been pioneering quantum-based generative modeling for over five years, well before generative AI stole headlines and became a mainstream enterprise priority. We are excited to deepen our partnership with Zapata and leverage their industry-leading algorithmic capabilities and scientific expertise to bring a quantum-enabled generative AI platform to market.”

The commercial expansion includes a one-year Enterprise subscription license to Orquestra®, Zapata AI’s robust software development and collaboration platform for building and deploying Universal Generative AI applications at scale, along with Enterprise Solutions support for use case research, prototype configuration, and application piloting.

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