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For SC19 Next Year, HPC is Now

In this special guest feature, SC19 Chair Michela Taufer writes that the conference theme of HPC Now is already resonating in a market sparked by Big Data & Ai. “HPC is exciting, and not just because of the problems it will solve in the future. It’s exciting because of how it is being used right now to save and enhance lives. My own research spans many HPC areas, such as determining how HPC cyberinfrastructures can make it possible to determine how new drugs could turn protein functions on or off, or how food production could be improved by predicting when and where farmers should water their fields.”

Penguin Computing Showcases Accelion managed data access platform

Today Penguin Computing announced the availability of the Accelion managed data access platform, a complete, managed file transfer and remote access solution that gives global, cross-functional teams the ability to work with vast amounts of geographically dispersed data and do so with greater speed, security, reliability and accessibility while unifying operations and accelerating collaboration. “For the first time, Penguin Computing customers have the ability to work with remote data at record-setting speeds and mount remote storage and treat it as if it were local, even over high latency network connections. Because data movement is transparent to the application layer, this means that, in many cases, the customer may not need to make any workflow changes between working with local data and working with remote data. This can result in reduced delays in both processing time and time-to-insight.”

Call for Papers: High Performance Machine Learning Workshop – HPML 2018

The HPML 2018 High Performance Machine Learning Workshop has issued its Call for Papers. The event takes place September 24 in Lyon, France. “This workshop is intended to bring together the Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High Performance Computing (HPC) communities. In recent years, much progress has been made in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in general.”