@HPCpodcast: The State of Quantum with DOE’s Dr. Travis Humble

In this conversation, Dr. Humble discusses how quantum computing works, how far along toward commercial viability the technology is, how to sort through the various quantum modalities under development, quantum’s relationship with AI, the key….

IonQ Announces Quantum Technical Achievement a Year Ahead of Schedule

COLLEGE PARK, MD – January 25, 2024 – Quantum computing company IonQ (NYSE: IONQ) today announced that it hit its target technical milestone of 35 algorithmic qubits (#AQ) a year ahead of schedule. The company said this milestone was achieved on IonQ Forte and leveraged IonQ’s high-fidelity trapped ion qubits and all-to-all connected architecture. At […]

D-Wave Announces 1,200+ Qubit Advantage2 Prototype

PALO ALTO, Calif., BURNABY, B.C., — January 23, 2024 — Quantum computing company D-Wave Quantum Inc. (NYSE: QBTS) announced it has calibrated a 1,200+ qubit Advantage2 prototype, which will soon be available in the company’s Leap real-time quantum cloud service. Developed with a new lower-noise, multilayer superconducting integrated-circuit fabrication stack, the new Advantage2 prototype demonstrates […]

Normal Computing Unveils Thermodynamic Computer 

Jan. 23, 2024, NEW YORK — Normal Computing, a deep tech AI startup founded by former Google Brain and Alphabet X engineers to develop full-stack applications with enterprise reliability, today unveiled the world’s first thermodynamic computer. Normal’s team conducted the first-ever thermodynamic AI experiment using the prototype hardware to add reliability and controls to the […]

Predictions 2024: HPC-AI, Quantum, Storage and Data Management, Optical Computing, Containers, GenAI — Where It’s All Going

We offer these predictions across a range of developments, trends and challenges facing the HPC-AI industry in 2024. Some take on the entrepreneurial spirit of business consultant Peter Drucker and his famous call-to-arms: “The best….

Quantum: Honeywell Closes $300M Round for Quantinuum

There are those who still insist quantum computing is a false dream and a fool’s errand, but quantum continues to make incursions into broader validation and wider backing. Example: Quantum computing company Quantinuum, the result of a November 2021 merger of Honeywell Quantum Solutions….

Q-CTRL and US Geological Survey in Quantum Partnership  

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 16, 2024 — Quantum software company Q-CTRL announced it has entered a partnership with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to explore potential quantum computing and sensing applications for geological sciences. USGS is a scientific agency that researches Earth systems. Its mission is to make scientific data available to help people understand […]

HPC News Bytes 20240115: RIKEN’s HPC-Quantum Platform, RFP for Post-Exascale, HPE Acquires Juniper, Google: AI Chip Trial, No Cloud Exit Fees

A happy mid-winter morning to you. Here’s a rapid (5:06) rundown of recent developments in the world of HPC-AI, including: RIKEN’s hybrid quantum-classical HPC platform with Quantinuum, Google in $1.67B AI chip patent trial….

QuEra Releases Quantum Roadmap

BOSTON, January 9, 2024 – Quantum computing company QuEra has announced a roadmap for a series of error-corrected quantum computers starting in 2024 and culminating in a system with 100 logical error-corrected qubits. QuEra’s roadmap outlines a three-phase release: 2024: Launching a quantum computer with 10 logical qubits,transversal gate capability, and over 256 physical qubits. […]

RIKEN Selects Quantinuum for Hybrid Quantum-HPC Platform

Quantum computing company Quantinuum and Japanese research institution and HPC center RIKEN announced that Quantinuum will provide RIKEN access to its H1-Series ion-trap quantum computing technology. The deployment will be part of RIKEN’s project to build a quantum-HPC hybrid platform that will include RIKEN’s Arm-based Fugaku supercomputer….