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Call for Papers: International Workshop on Performance Portable Programming models for Manycore or Accelerators

The 4th International Workshop on Performance Portable Programming models for Manycore or Accelerators (P^3MA) has issued their Call for Papers. This workshop will provide a forum to bring together researchers and developers to discuss community’s proposals and solutions to performance portability.

Major Media and Entertainment OEM orders $4 Million HPC Gear from One Stop Systems

Today One Stop Systems announced a $4 million purchase order with a $1 million customer extension option from a major OEM in the media and entertainment industry. “As our largest-ever follow-on purchase order, we believe it reflects our industry leadership in application specific, ruggedized servers featuring the latest innovations in GPU compute, flash storage and input/output available today,” said OSS president and CEO, Steve Cooper. “With these products, we have raised the bar for those in media and entertainment production who demand only the best, with ultra-fast processing, networking and storage in a super-ruggedized chassis that provides the best protection in the most demanding physical environments.”

Video: Fusion Research on the Summit Supercomputer

In this video, C.S. Chang from the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory describes how his team is using the GPU-powered Summit supercomputer to simulate and predict plasma behavior for the next fusion reactor. “By using Summit, Chang’s team expects its highly scalable XGC code, a first-principles code that models the reactor and its magnetically confined plasma, could be simulated 10 times faster than current supercomputers allow. Such a speedup would give researchers an opportunity to model more complicated plasma edge phenomena, such as plasma turbulence and particle interactions with the reactor wall, at finer scales, leading to insights that could help ITER plan operations more effectively.”

Video: Accelerating Ai Outcomes with the NVIDIA DGX Reference Architecture

In this video from DDN booth at SC18, Jacques Bessoudo from NVIDIA presents: Accelerating Ai Outcomes with the NVIDIA DGX Reference Architecture. “DDN is focused on solutions that enable customers to radically accelerate their AI and Machine Learning initiatives to gain competitive advantage sooner and to scale flexibly,” said James Coomer, vice president of product management at DDN. “We have taken a holistic approach to this solution, ensuring that the DGX platform is maximally utilized and that customers can extract deeper insights more quickly.”

Video: Overview of DDN’s Accelerated, Any-Scale AI

In this video from DDN booth at SC18, Kurt Kuckein from DataDirect Networks presents an overview of DDN A3i: (Accelerated, Any-Scale AI). “Engineered from the ground up for the AI-enabled data center, DDN A³I solutions are fully-optimized to accelerate AI applications and streamline DL workflows for greatest productivity. DDN A³I solutions make AI-powered innovation easy, with faster performance, effortless scale, and simplified operations—all backed by the data at scale experts.”

Job of the Week: Systems Software Engineer for NvStreams at NVIDIA

NVIDIA is seeking a Systems Software Engineer for NvStreams in our Job of the Week. “This position will be part of a dynamic crew that develops and maintains systems software for complex heterogeneous computing systems that power disruptive products in various Automotive platforms. The Automotive System Software team plays a vital role in realizing the vision behind these products by building core technologies and platform solutions that are complex and industry leading.”

Video: Imaging the Earth’s Interior with the Summit Supercomputer

In this video, Jeroen Tromp from Princeton University describes how GPUs power 3D wave simulations that help researchers better understand the earth’s interior. The Department of Geosciences at Princeton University is using Summit, powered by NVIDIA Volta GPUs, to observe and simulate seismic data, imaging the Earth’s interior on a global scale.

Video: HPC Market Update

In this video from DDN booth at SC18, Addison Snell from Intersect360 Research presents an HPCMarket Update. “Intersect360 Research’s deep knowledge of HPC, coupled with strong marketing and consulting expertise, results in accurate intelligence for the HPC industry – insights and advice that allow customers to make decisions that are measurably positive to their business. The company’s end-user-focused research is inclusive from both a technology perspective and a usage standpoint, allowing Intersect360 Research to provide its clients with total market models that include both traditional and emerging HPC applications.”

World’s Fastest Supercomputer Now Running Production Workloads at ORNL

The world’s fastest supercomputer is now up and running production workloads at ORNL. “A year-long acceptance process for the 200-petaflop Summit supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Lab is now complete. Acceptance testing ensures that the supercomputer and its file system meet the functionality, performance, and stability requirements agreed upon by the facility and the vendor.”

IBM’s Plan to bring Machine Learning Capabilities to Data Scientists Everywhere

Over at the IBM Blog, IBM Fellow Hillary Hunter writes that the company anticipates that the world’s volume of digital data will exceed 44 zettabytes, an astounding number. “IBM has worked to build the industry’s most complete data science platform. Integrated with NVIDIA GPUs and software designed specifically for AI and the most data-intensive workloads, IBM has infused AI into offerings that clients can access regardless of their deployment model. Today, we take the next step in that journey in announcing the next evolution of our collaboration with NVIDIA. We plan to leverage their new data science toolkit, RAPIDS, across our portfolio so that our clients can enhance the performance of machine learning and data analytics.”