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SEEQC and BASF to Explore Quantum Computing in Chemical Reactions for Industrial Use

ELMSFORD, N.Y., Feb. 9, 2023 — SEEQC, the digital quantum computing company, and chemical company BASF today announced a partnership to explore the application of quantum computing in chemical reactions. This research will explore the potential of quantum in dissolved catalysts, otherwise known as homogeneous catalysis. Through this partnership, BASF joins the SEEQC-led QuPharma project, […]

On the Front Lines of AI: Training Large Language Models on New Tasks – without All the Retraining

Sometimes, machine learning models learn a new task without seeming to have learned – or been trained – to do it. That’s the findings of researchers at MIT, Stanford and Google Research, who report on a curious phenomenon called “in-context learning,” “in which a large language model learns to accomplish a task after seeing only […]

EuroHPC JU Renews Support of EuroCC and CASTIEL

Stuttgart, Germany — February 3, 2023 — With the start of a new three-year grant, the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) has renewed its support of EuroCC and CASTIEL. Together, this pair of projects has been supporting the development of a more consistent standard of expertise in high-performance computing (HPC), highperformance data analytics (HPDA), and artificial […]

Lenovo’s Net Carbon-Zero 2050 Commitment Validated by Global Standards Body

[SPONSORED CONTENT]  Lenovo is in the vanguard of companies worldwide fighting climate change. Along with its existing efforts to cut greenhouse gasses (GHG) from its products and operations, the company’s plan to attain carbon net-zero emissions by 2050 has been validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). This means Lenovo has joined only 139 […]

NTT Research and Tokyo Tech Announce Algorithm that Enhances Performance and Scope of Coherent Ising Machine

Sunnyvale, Calif. – December 20, 2022 – NTT Research, Inc., a division of NTT (TYO:9432), today announced that scientists from the NTT Research Physics & Informatics (PHI) Lab and Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) have presented a new algorithm that combines amplitude control feedback and Zeeman terms to overcome inherent limits of a Coherent Ising Machine (CIM) […]

ClearML and Ultralytics Partner on Open Source Technologies for MLOps

Tel Aviv, IL, December 15, 2022 – ClearML, an open source, end-to-end MLOps platform, and Ultralytics, a vision AI company, announced today that they have partnered to integrate ClearML’s open source toolkit into Ultralytics’ YOLOv5 stack. Track YOLOv5 training runs in ClearML Experiment Version and connect datasets to models (ClearML Data) Automate execution on local and remote cloud […]

Finnish IT Center CSC (Site of LUMI) and TACC in HPC Collaboration

The CSC – the Finnish IT Center for Science – and the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at The University of Texas at Austin, have signed a memorandum of understanding to promote research collaboration using high-performance computing (HPC) applications to address global challenges. The organizations said the collaboration focus on joint use of supercomputing resources […]

SC22: CXL3.0, the Future of HPC Interconnects and Frontier vs. Fugaku

HPC luminary Jack Dongarra’s fascinating comments at SC22 on the low efficiency of leadership-class supercomputers highlighted by the latest High Performance Conjugate Gradients (HPCG) benchmark results will, I believe, influence the next generation of supercomputer architectures to optimize for sparse matrix computations. The upcoming technology that will help address this problem is CXL. Next generation architectures will use CXL3.0 switches to connect processing nodes, pooled memory and I/O resources into very large, coherent fabrics within a rack, and use Ethernet between racks. I call this a “Petalith” architecture (explanation below), and I think CXL will play a significant and growing role in shaping this emerging development in the high performance interconnect space.

Oak Ridge Lab and Veterans Affairs Use Summit Supercomputer Security Framework for Health Research

Dec. 1, 2022 — A team from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) used the CITADEL security framework to securely transfer and analyze veterans’ health records on ORNL’s Summit, an IBM AC922 supercomputer housed at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility, a US Department of Energy (DOE) Office […]

Hyperion Research Announces Winners of 2022 HPC Innovation Excellence Awards

ST PAUL, Minn., November 29, 2022 — HPC industry analyst firm Hyperion Research today announced the recipients of the 17th round of HPC Innovation Excellence Awards. The winners are: — For HPC-driven design of innovative functional materials for catalysis, energy conversion, and storage: Institute for Chemical Reaction Design and Discovery (WPI-ICReDD), Hokkaido University (contact: Andrey […]