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Job of the Week: Research Engineer – Systems Architecture Lab at HPE

HPE is seeking a Research Engineer for their Systems Architecture Lab in our Job of the Week. “The System Architecture Laboratory at Hewlett Packard Labs has an immediate opening for a Research Scientist position with a background in high-speed mixed-signal CMOS design and silicon photonics. The critical tasks is the design of high-speed mixed signals circuits including modulator drivers, transimpedance amplifier, ADC/DAC, SERDES, and PLL using advanced CMOS nodes to enable high-performance computing systems.  Successful candidates will have hands-on experience in the CMOS design, design verification, and lab testing of mixed-signal CMOS circuits to interface with photonics.”

Job of the Week: Manager of HPC at New York University

New York University is seeking an Manager of High Performance Computing in our Job of the Week. “You will manage the day-to-day operations of the High-Performance Computing (HPC) team and support the research computing needs of NYU scholars. This requires provisioning, integrating, and supporting HPC and Big Data clusters running Linux as well as working directly with faculty, students and other scholars in support of utilizing efficiently advanced computing resources in research projects and teaching. Provide ongoing support, troubleshooting, maintenance and training for research computing applications. Manage and oversee HPC system development efforts and system and application testing. Identify and analyze data integrity and performance issues. Recommend solutions to improve system and application performance.”

Job of the Week: HPC Computational Scientist at the American University of Sharjah

The American University of Sharjah (AUS) in the United Arab Emirates is seeking an HPC Computational Scientist in our Job of the Week. “AUS is seeking a highly motivated senior programmer with proven experience in developing software for research applications, with emphasis on utilizing open source tools and platforms. The successful applicant is expected to promote and support the development of research-oriented applications that utilize the AUS HPC cluster in a variety of domains that include all engineering disciplines, biology and bioengineering, finance and more.”

Job of the Week: Application Programmer at UC San Diego

The University of California at San Diego is seeking an Applications Programmer in our Job of the Week. “The Applications Programmer will assist the Neurosciences IT Manager and business office IT team. Provides technical support and assists with the design, implementation and maintenance of all Neurosciences websites and applications, utilizing Windows Operating System, MacOS and web-connected relational database applications (DB2, MS-SQL, MySQL, and Access).”

Job of the Week: High Performance Software Developer at The Aerospace Corporation

The Aerospace Corporation is Virginia is seeking High Performance Software Developer in our Job of the Week. “You will code high-performance technical computing applications in the areas of space system modeling, architecture performance assessment, and mission planning and scheduling.”

Job of the Week: Quantitative Software Engineer for High Frequency Trading

Two Sigma Investments in New York is seeking a Quantitative Software Engineer for High Frequency Trading in our Job of the Week. “We are seeking leading software engineers to join our dynamic, fast-paced high frequency team. Equal parts code experts and mathematical thinkers, our quantitative software engineers bring together technical and analytical expertise to grapple with difficult computational and data-related problems directly and implement efficient and innovative solutions. Entailing a sophisticated knowledge of algorithms, statistics, and high-performance computing, this effort has attracted ACM programming competition finalists, Top Coder contenders, and other highly technical, competitive problem solvers.”

Job of the Week: Scientific Applications Engineer at Ohio State University

The Ohio State University is seeking an Scientific Applications Engineer in our Job of the Week. “The OSC Scientific Applications (SA) Group is responsible for provisioning, optimizing, and maintaining the library and application level software environment on OSC’s HPC systems. “The individual in this position will perform software installations, license server administration, adhere to and make improvements to OSC’s software deployment processes and infrastructure, and create user-facing documentation.”

Job of the Week: HPC System Administrator at D.E. Shaw Research

D.E. Shaw Research is seeking an HPC System Administrator in our Job of the Week. “Our research effort is aimed at achieving major scientific advances in the field of biochemistry and fundamentally transforming the process of drug discovery.”

Job of the Week: Director of Computing at ECMWF

“Supercomputing capability plays a key role in ECMWF’s success and in its ability to implement its strategic vision to 2025. In order to meet the required flexibility for future growth, ECMWF’s data centre is being relocated to Bologna, Italy and will be operational in 2020. The new Director of Computing will be responsible for delivering this challenging transition, fit-out and transformation, whilst ensuring that ECMWF’s computing capability continues to support some of the most critical scientific advances of our time.”

Job of the Week: HPC Security Engineer at Ohio State University

The Ohio State University is seeking an HPC Security Engineer in our Job of the Week. “OSC provides high-performance computing services for university researchers and industrial clients. The HPC Systems Team delivers OSC’s production HPC systems, networking, and storage services through system design, procurement, deployment, security, and systems administration. This security engineer position supports the overall mission of the team and in particular duties related to systems security and implementation of security policy.”