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At ISC 2022: Microsoft Talks HPC-AI and AMD Chips in the Azure Cloud

We visited with Microsoft Azure during ISC – here is our conversation with two HPC-AI specialists, Alex Jean and Dr. Lukasz Miroslaw, for an update on Azure’s line-up of new capabilities and services in support of advanced AI and machine learning. The discussion highlights the cloud platform’s early adoption of the latest data center processors […]

Dell Technologies Interview: At the Univ. of Bristol’s Advanced Computing Research Centre ‘Typical Doesn’t Exist’

In this interview, part of our series done on behalf of Dell Technologies, we spoke with Simon Atack, HPC team leader of the Advanced Computing Research Centre at the UK’s University of Bristol, where he’s been for the past eight years. The centre supports about 2,000 users and has an extensive HPC infrastructure engaged in a range of scientific fields, including genomics, molecular dynamics and earth and environmental simulation. Much of this work runs on Dell Technologies supercomputing technology, which Atacks oversees.

At ISC 2022: Vik Malyala Puts the Spotlight on Supermicro’s AMD-based Servers

In this interview at ISC 2022 with Supermicro’s Vik Malyala, he discusses the company’s latest AMD-based server products. Malyala, who is president and managing director for Supermicro EMEA and SVP for field applications engineering, reviews the range of Supermicro’s AMD-powered servers, emphasizing the company’s mission to offer the right servers with the right density and […]

At ISC 2022: DDN’s James Coomer Talks Storage and Data Management That Simplifies HPC/AI at Scale

At ISC 2022 in Hamburg, we sat down with DDN Senior Vice President Products James Coomer to discuss the company’s evolving mission as more customers move toward HPC/AI use cases. To its line of HPC, AI and analytics storage products, DDN is steadily adding data management capabilities designed to simplify increasingly complex workloads. The company […]

At ISC: Dion Harris on NVIDIA’S HPC/AI and Quantum Strategies; LANL’s Upcoming ‘Venado’ 10 Exaflops HPC/AI System; and GPU Distinctions

We spoke at ISC 2022 with NVIDIA’s Head of Technical Marketing for HPC/AI and Quantum Dion Harris across a range of topics, including: The 10 exaflop (AI performance) “Venado” supercomputer to be installed at Los Alamos National Laboratory and powered by NVIDIA Grace and Grace Hopper processors. The machine reflects the company’s HPC + AI […]

At ISC 2022: Cornelis Networks’ New Hardware, Software for Omni-Path High-Performance Fabric

We sat down with Doug Fuller, director of software development at high-performance fabric provider Cornelis Networks, to discuss new hardware developments within its Omni-Path along with a new software layer within Omni-Path Express, designed to increase performance and compatibility. The company positions Omni-Path as a processor-neutral fabric, as well as “upstream first open source” — […]

At ISC: Panasas Spotlights New Products for High Performance HPC/AI and Enterprise Storage

At ISC 2022, we caught up with Panasas Chief Operating Officer Brian Peterson, who caught us up on the high performance storage company’s latest product and market developments. Peterson, who joined Panasas last November, said today’s key trend in the high-performance storage category is that, while it has traditionally been dominated by the high-end enterprise […]

At ISC 2022: atNorth’s Nordic Renewable Energy-powered HPC/AI Colocation Services

At ISC 2022 we spoke with atNorth CCO Gisli Kr., who discussed the company’s Iceland- and Sweden-based HPC/AI colocation services powered by renewable (hydro and geothermal) energy. Kr. also discusses its latest offering, GPU-as-a-Service, added last week to its AI infrastructure portfolio, as well as an upcoming announcement focused on the nearly 100 percent total […]

At ISC 2022: HPE Offering the High Performance Storage Used in Frontier – the No. 1 Supercomputer

In this interview with high performance storage enthusiast Ulrich Plechschmidt, worldwide product marketing HPC Storage at HPE, he updates us developments and milestones for the company’s storage product line. Included is the news that the same storage technology used in Frontier—the world’s no. 1 supercomputer on the latest TOP500 list — is now available for […]

At ISC: Atos Update on BullSequana Exascale Scaling, Range of Platform Chips, Nimbix Cloud HPC and Quantum

At ISC 2022 we spoke with Emmanuel LeRoux, group senior vice president, global head of advanced computing, HPC, quantum and AI at Atos, the leading HPC systems provider in Europe. LeRoux discussed a range of topics, including the recently announced BullSequana XH3000, an AI-augmented hybrid computing platform, integrating AMD, Intel, NVIDIA and SiPearl chips and […]