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At Virtual SC: HPE CTO Michael Woodacre Talks Progress toward Exascale and How HPC & AI Work in Tandem to Fight Disease

At Virtual SC20, we caught up with HPE’s Michael Woodacre, HPE Fellow and chief technology officer of HPC & Mission Critical Systems, who updated us on the company’s involvement with all three of the U.S.’s first exascale systems, scheduled for delivery starting next year. Woodacre, who comes from a heritage with SGI, which was acquired […]

At Virtual SC20: Bright Computing Talks the ‘New Era of HPC,’ Bright Cluster Manager 9.1 and Cluster-as-a-Service

We caught up at Virtual SC20 with two of Bright Computing’s senior execs, CEO Bill Wagner and CTO Martijn de Vries. Bright is a maker of software for deploying and managing high-performance clusters, and Wagner talking about a top priority for the company of late: Bright Cluster Manager v9.1 supporting “the new era of HPC”: […]

At Virtual SC20: Catching up with Penguin Computing’s Expanding HPC Reach

At Virtual SC20, we checked in with Penguin Computing Chief Strategy Officer Matt Jacobs, who is helping guide the company’s rapidly expanding reach, encompassing HPC, AI, on and off premises, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and anywhere else that enables customers to aggregate and slice-and-dice their compute resources within, as Jacobs tells us, “a singular continuum.” Addressing […]

At Virtual SC20: How to Build a Supercomputer – Supermicro Showcases 3 LLNL HPC Clusters

At Virtual SC20, we sat down with Mike Scriber, he’s Supermicro’s senior director, server solution management, to talk about three supercomputing clusters the company has installed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. They are the 1500-node ‘Ruby‘ (targeting COVID-19 research), the GPU-dense Corona (the name pre-dates the current pandemic) and the memory-rich ‘Mammoth‘. Supermicro, which specializes […]

At Virtual SC20: AMAX Pushes the CPU-GPU Compute Envelop with PCIe Gen 4.0 for HPC/AI

At Virtual SC20, Dr. Rene Meyer, VP of technology at AMAX Information Technologies, spent time with us explaining developments and trends driving new levels of HPC-class performance in support of advanced AI solutions. AMAX is focused on application-tailored cloud, data center, open architecture platforms, HPC, deep learning and OEM server manufacturing solutions. The company’s customers […]

At Virtual SC20: An Update on the Fraunhofer Institute’s Carme, Where HPC Meets Interactive Machine Learning

At Virtual SC20, we spent time with Philipp Reusch, Scientific Assistant at Fraunhofer ITWM in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Reusch is closely involved in the development for the institute’s Carme (“kar-mee”), a framework to manage resources for multiple users running interactive AI jobs on a cluster of (GPU) compute nodes. Carme, by the way, is the name […]

At Virtual SC20: VMware Talks Trends and Transformational Technology for Virtualized HPC Workloads

At Virtual SC20, VMware’s Mohan Potheri, the company’s principal systems and virtualization architect, talked with us about the broadening array of approaches used by VMware’s HPC customers and the emerging technologies that facilitate those approaches. VMware’s reach, range and the company’s means of delivering solutions are core themes of its activities this week at SC20. […]

At Virtual SC20: Speaking about Bespoke HPC and AI Solutions with Silicon Mechanics’ Solutions Architect

At Virtual SC20, we talked with Solutions Architect Andrew O’Neill of Bethel, WA-based Silicon Mechanics, a systems integrator founded in 2001 with a focus on HPC, artificial intelligence and enterprise storage solutions. Clients turn to Silicon Mechanics bespoke open source solutions, along with service expertise to address complex computing challenges – which these days so […]

At Virtual SC20: XTREME-D’S Evolving Supercomputing-as-a-Service Strategy

At Virtual SC20, we caught up with XTREME-D’s CEO and Chief HPC IaaS Architect Naoki Shibata and David Barkai, XTREME-D technical advisor, to talk about the company’s cloud-based, supercomputing-on-demand service. Formerly called XTREME-Design, the company’s product line offers the latest development environment, middleware, CPUs and software, along with nodes with GPUs and high performance interconnects […]

At Virtual SC20: Advantech’s Embedded IoT Technology Strategy for Intelligence Everywhere

At Virtual SC20, we sat down with James Yung, HPC/AI product management manager at Advantech, whose mission is to enable, as the company’s corporate statement says, “an intelligent planet” with embedded and automation platforms for IoT system integration utilizing Intel processors and industrial-grade components in industry form factors. Yung told us Advantech has more than […]