At SC23: CGG Talks its New ‘Outcome-as-a-Service’ for HPC and AI

At SC23 in Denver, we spoke with Paris-based CGG, a global technology and HPC company, which recently announced its Outcome-as-a-Service (OaaS) offering, delivering customized HPC and AI solutions for scientific and engineering domains, including generative AI and life sciences. In this interview we spoke with Jean-Marc Denis, Vice President of Sales, HPC and Cloud Solutions, […]

At SC23: DDC and TierPoint Talk ‘Liquid-Air Cooling’ Data Center Cabinets for HPC-AI

At SC23, we talked with Chris Orlando, CEO of DDC, maker of S-Series Cabinets, which utilize DDC’s liquid-air hybrid cooling technology for high-density data centers and cloud providers. Orlando says the cabinets combine the efficiency of liquid cooling with the risk-free flexibility of air. With him is Keith Markley, Executive Vice President, Data Center Operations, […]

At SC23: AWS’s Research and Engineering Studio Suite for HPC-Class, Cloud-Based Environments

At SC23 in Denver, Amazon Web Services announced the Research and Engineering Studio on AWS, an open source, web-based portal for administrators to manage cloud-based research and engineering environments. Here we interview AWS’s Debra Goldfarb, Director, AWS HPC Products and Strategy, and Brendan Bouffler, AWS Head of Developer Relations, HPC Engineering. They explain how scientists […]

At SC23: Lenovo’s Advancements in Liquid Cooling, Storage, Digital Twins and HPC-AI Software

[SPONSORED GUEST INTERIVEW] We spoke at the Lenovo booth with Andreas Thomasch, Director of HPC and AI, European Markets, in this sponsored interview about recent developments across critical HPC-AI challenge areas: Water Cooling: Lenovo was an….

At SC23: AMD’s Brent Gorda Talks TOP500-GREEN500 and the ‘Imminent’ MI300 GPU

At ISC 2023, we talked with Brent Gorda, AMD Senior Executive, HPC & AI, who updated us on, among other items: AMD’s presence on the TOP500 list of the world’s most powerful supercomputers (including the surprising benchmark from the no. 20 AMD EPYC-powered system at KAUST research university) and on the GREEN500, (eight of the […]

At SC23: Immersive Virtual Reality on Display from Dell Technologies

[SPONSORED GUEST INTERVIEW] When HPC and AI converge remarkable things can result, and one of them is on display on the floor of the SC23 conference here in Denver at the Dell Technologies booth (#625). We encountered it ourselves, it’s an immersive VR….

SC23 Prep: HPC Experts on Sessions to See and Trends to Watch in Denver

Getting the most out of SC23 calls for good preparation, so as an assist we spoke with four industry experts – Sunita Chandrasekaran of the University of Delaware and the Exascale Computing Project, Earl Joseph of Hyperion Research, Lois Curfman McInnes of Argonne National Laboratory and Addison Snell of Intersect360 Research….

At ISC 2023: AWS’s Debra Goldfarb Talks Cloud HPC Growth and the Fight against Global Food Insecurity

At ISC 2023, we spoke with Debra Goldfarb, director, HPC Products and Strategy at Amazon Web Services. As part of the conference’s “HPC Solutions Forum” series, Goldfarb delivered a presentation on “Harnessing the Power of HPC to Bend the Curve on Global Food Insecurity” in which she reviewed the scale of the problem (800 million […]

At ISC 2023: A DDN Update on Its Latest High Performance Data Storage/Data Management Solutions for HPC and AI

At ISC 2023, we caught up with DDN Vice President of Marketing Kurt Kuckein on new product offerings from the high performance storage and data management company. A long-time HPC storage stalwart, many of the same challenges faced by HPC end users are now encountered by companies adopting AI – efficient access and transfer of […]

At ISC 2023: Addison Snell on the Return of Healthy, Pre-Pandemic Growth for HPC-AI

At ISC 2023, we talked with Addison Snell, CEO of HPC-AI industry analyst firm Intersect360 Research, about the firm’s latest market update, released before the conference. Snell said the top-line finding from Intersect360’s latest research: the HPC-AI market grew 11.3 percent, reaching $44.4 billion last year, a return to steady growth that the industry enjoyed […]