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Dell Technologies Interview: How the Anvil Cluster Supports Purdue and NSF XSEDE Researchers – Including Non-Traditional HPC Users

In this interview conducted on behalf of Dell Technologies, insideHPC spoke with Carol Song, who leads the Scientific Solutions Group at Purdue University’s Rosen Center for Advanced Computing and is a senior research scientist for Information Technology at Purdue (ITaP) Research Computing. Song is the principal investigator (PI) and project director for Purdue’s Anvil supercomputing cluster, built in partnership with Dell.

NVIDIA’s Gilad Shainer Talks Infiniband-based Quantum-2 and Cloud Native Supercomputing

NVIDIA has made a series of significant HPC-related announcements recently, many of them at the company’s GTC conference in early November, including the launch of its Infiniband-based Quantum-2 supercomputer and developments within its Cloud Native Supercomputing capabilities, offering bare-metal performance with multi-tenant isolation. In this interview, bringing us up to speed on all this and […]

XTREME-D’s Evolving Supercomputing-as-a-Service Strategy

We sat down with XTREME-D to get an update on the company’s supercomputing-as-service strategy and what the company will be highlighting during SC21. Speaking on behalf of the company are Daisuke Nagao, Senior Vice President and CTO; Andrei Vakhnin, chief HPC cloud architect; and Dr. David Barkai, technical advisor, about new developments in the company’s […]

Penguin CEO Sid Mair Talks Origin AI and the Emergence of the ‘AI Infrastructure’

We sat down with Penguin Computing President and CEO Sid Mair to talk about the interesting year his company — the developer of open, Linux-based solutions for enterprise data centers, HPC and cloud — has had in 2021 and about the latest development in the company’s strategy. Mair talks about the rapid emergence of the […]

One Stop Systems: Transporting AI to the Edge

Moving high performance AI capabilities out to the edge – what One Stop Systems calls its “AI transportable” strategy – is the company’s mission. In this interview with OSS President and CEO David Raun, he updates us on edge computing modules and systems developed by the company over the past year and new developments it […]

Tech Enthusiast Mike Scriber Talks What’s New & Next at Supermicro

For tech enthusiasm, you’d be hard pressed to top Mike Scriber, senior director, Server Solutions Management, at Supermicro. In this interview, he talks about how the “server building block solutions” company, as it describes itself, has done in the HPC market in 2021 as well as what the company is featuring at SC21. In particular, […]

HPE on the Critical Storage Elements for HPC-AI

Uli Plechschmidt brings extensive knowledge and good cheer to the deep challenges of high performance storage. In this interview, HPE’s worldwide product marketing for HPC storage offers a review course in the storage capabilities required for increasingly complex user environments encompassing HPC and AI. According to Plechschmidt, HPC-AI demands a mix of storage ingredients that […]

Altair and NVIDIA at Argonne: Using Workload Management Software to Maximize HPC Resources

Here’s a fascinating look at how a national lab works in partnership with advanced computing vendors to further the lab’s supercomputing mission. From Argonne National Laboratory’s leadership computing facility (ALCF) we have Bill Allcock, manager of the Advanced Integration Group, and Bill Nitzberg, CTO of PBS Works at Altair Engineering. The two talk about ALCF’s […]

HPE’s Neil Dey Talks Exascale-class System Building

After more than a decade of discussion, planning, designing and system building, 2021 is expected to be the year that exascale-class computing finally arrives in the U.S. Hewlett Packard Enterprise is at the epicenter of this effort. The company is the prime contractor or system architect for the first three exascale systems to be delivered […]

Atos Talks HPC, AI, Exascale and Quantum Strategies

Europe’s leading HPC systems provider, Atos, is enjoying a successful 2021, highlighted by major contract wins, new product rollouts and the acquisition of US-based Nimbix, providing Atos with a ready-made cloud HPC capability. In this interview with Andy Grant, global head of sales, HPC, AI and Quantum at Atos, he reviews the past year’s achievements […]