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The Dell Technologies HPC Community Interviews: From Narrow to General AI – Decoding the Brain to Train Neural Networks

HPC veteran Luke Wilson lives at the forefront AI research. In this interview he talks about research whose goal is to move computer intelligence from “narrow” (one task at a time) to “general” (more than one task simultaneously), a key to which is “context neuron switching.” One research strategy involves brain decoding by reverse mapping brain activity using “functional MRI activation maps,” said Wilson, who is chief data scientist and distinguished engineer at Dell’s HPC & AI Innovation Lab. Of the research conducted with McGill University, the Montreal Neurological Institute and Intel (using Dell’s Intel Xeon-powered Zenith cluster), he said: “What we’re trying to do is take that image of an activated brain and infer, using a neural network, what the patient was being asked to do.”

The Dell Technologies HPC Community Interviews: Flavio Villanustre Talks Open Source Analytics at LexisNexis

Open source champion Flavio Villanustre is vice president of technology and chief information security officer for LexisNexis Risk Solutions, which is a global developer provider of big data and analytics solutions to help manage risk and improve outcomes. As an active participant in the Dell Technologies HPC Community, he contributes an avid open source perspective. His goal: offering and looking for new HPC and advanced analytics insights, techniques and strategies with Dell managers and customers at the organization’s meetings that will help push forward with Flavio’s open source mission begun 10 years ago.

The Dell Technologies HPC Community Interviews: BioTeam’s Ari Berman Talks HPC-Driven Life Sciences Research

Both Dr. Ari Berman and the consulting company of which he is CEO, BioTeam, stand at the crossroads of scientific research and HPC. As the company says of itself: “BioTeam is primarily a group of scientists who were forced to learn IT, software development and high performance computing to get their research done.” Why “forced”? […]

The Dell Technologies HPC Community Interviews: 2 Dell Distinguished Engineers Talk Compute Optimization and Extreme Scaling Challenges

In this interview, we speak with Garima Kochbar and Michael Pittaro, distinguished engineers at the Dell EMC HPC & AI Innovation Lab, which designs solutions at the leading edge of emerging technologies. Both of them are active with the Dell Technologies HPC Community, both share the latest advances from the lab with community participants and […]

After Virtual SC20: Liqid Talks Composable Infrastructure at HPC Scale and Recent DoD HPC Deployments

Letting the workload take the lead in drawing on the hardware, networking and software resources it needs, and doing this dynamically – that’s what composable infrastructure vendor Liqid is all about. In this virtual SC20 interview, we sat down with Liqid Vice President of Public Sector Sales Eric Oberhofer, and Vice President of Advanced Computing […]

After Virtual SC20: Inspur Update Focuses on Staying Ahead in HPC and AI

In this interview, Inspur’s Global AI and HPC Director Vangel Bojaxhi sat down with us after virtual SC20 to give us an HPC- and AI-oriented update on the company. Noting that Inspur is a top three server manufacturer in the world, Bojaxhi added that the company is no. 1 in GPU servers. At SC20, Inspur […]

After Virtual SC20: Mellanox’s Gilad Shainer Talks New-Gen InfiniBand’s Performance and Growing Top500 (and Top10) Presence

From the perspective of Nvidia-Mellanox’s Senior Vice President Marketing, Gilad Shainer, virtual SC20 “for us was a great week.” In this video, Shainer discusses the company’s conference highlights, including the introduction of the new generation of InfiniBand high performance network technology, the NDR 400G, which he said delivers 400GB/second performance while adding more in-network computing […]

The Hyperion-insideHPC Interviews: Hyperion’s Earl Joseph on the High Cost and High Potential of HPC Taking on ‘National Problems’

Earl Joseph, CEO of HPC industry analyst firm Hyperion Research, has been working in and scrutinizing HPC for decades, first on the vendor side and later as the leader of an analyst group at International Data Corp. that became Hyperion. Here, Joseph explains the how and why of the Hyperion spin-off as well as the […]

Virtual SC20 Retrospective: Thinkers’ Thoughts on HPC Today and Tomorrow

Check out this assemblages’ reflections on last week’s virtual SC20. Their thoughts range from big-picture insights on how the event reflects the state of HPC to the keynotes, sessions and announcements they think were particularly notable (and worth going back and watching, if you missed them). Among the topics covered: The convergence of the Top500 and Green500 supercomputer lists, the emerging earmarks of machine learning HPC workloads and the validity of supercomputing predictions made at SC in 2006 over against predictions for 2035.

At Virtual SC20: Fraunhofer’s Dr. Daniel Grünewald Talks GaspiLS, a Scalable Linear Solver Library for the Exascale Age

At Virtual SC20, Dr. Daniel Grünewald of the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany updated us on GaspiLS, a scalable linear solver library that the institute says is built for the exascale age. Many engineering simulations are based on CFD and FEM methods to, for example, determine aerodynamic properties of planes or analyze statics of buildings. This […]