HPC News Bytes 20240422: New HPC Installs, the State of AI, Bitcoin Halving, Argonne-UICs’ Crabtree Institute

A good spring moring to you! Here’s a rapid (6:09) route through recent news from HPC-AI, including: new supercomputers installed at Los Alamos and France-CEA, Stanford AI Index Report released on the state of AI….

Supercomputer Fugaku Retains First Place in HPCG and Graph500 Rankings

Tokyo, November 14, 2023 — The supercomputer Fugaku, jointly developed by the RIKEN Center for Computational Science and Fujitsu, has retained the top spot for eight consecutive terms in multiple major high-performance computer rankings including HPCG and Graph500 BFS (Breadth-First Search), and has also taken fourth place for the TOP500 and third place for the HPL-MxP […]

A New Day for the TOP500: Aurora No. 2 at 585 PFlops, 4 New Top 10 Entrants, Frontier Still No. 1

Denver — Attendees at the SC23 conference here in Denver have been greeted by a roiled TOP500 ranking of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, along with significant news about a would-be exascale HPC system coming in at no. 2 on the list….

@HPCpodcast: Views and Insights on the New TOP500 List

The big news on the Monday of each annual Supercomputing Conference is the release of the new TOP500 ranking of the world’s most powerful supercomputers. At this years SC23 here in Denver, the big news is that the  top 10 of this year’s list has more changes than any list in recent memory….

At ISC 2023: AMD Talks TOP500-GREEN500, the New EPYC 9004 CPU and MI300A GPU Accelerator and AMD’s Strides in HPC-AI

At ISC 2023, we talked with AMD Product Manager Mahesh Balasubramanian, who with his usual enthusiasm updated us a host of items, including: New EPYC CPUs (including more than 300 performance records) and Instinct GPU AI accelerators (including information on the upcoming MI300A, recently revealed by CEO Lisa Su and due for launch later this […]