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SGI develops, markets and sells a broad line of low-cost, mid-range and high-end scale-out and scale-up servers and data storage solutions as well as differentiating software. In addition, we provide global customer support and professional services related to our products. SGI enables enterprises to meet their computing and storage requirements at a lower total cost of ownership and provides them greater flexibility and scalability. We are also proud to note that all of our HPC products are manufactured in the United States.

SGI’s leading HPC products include the SGI® Altix® UV, the world’s fastest supercomputer, which scales to 256 sockets with architectural support for 262, 144 cores and support for up to 16 TB of global shared memory in a single system image. SGI Prism XL is SGI’s latest entry into the Exascale race, delivering up to a Petaflop of compute in a single cabinet. The platform was designed to reduce the number of racks and infrastructure required to solve the world’s toughest technical computing problems, and has the ability to grow out to 10s or even 100s of Petaflops of compute capability.

Our products and services are used by research, scientific, technical and business communities to solve challenging data-intensive computing, data management and visualization problems. These applications typically require large amounts of computing power and fast and efficient data movement both within the computing system and to and from large-scale data storage installations. SGI systems access, analyze, transform, manage, visualize and store very large amounts of data in real time or near real time.

The vertical markets we serve include, the federal government, defense and strategic systems, weather and climate, physical sciences, life sciences, energy (including oil and gas), aerospace and automotive, Internet, financial services, media and entertainment, and business intelligence and data analytics. Specific system applications within our target vertical markets include simulating global climate changes, accelerating engineering of new automotive designs, supporting homeland security initiatives, real-time fraud detection and gaining business intelligence through data-mining.
SGI is a leading developer of enterprise-class, high-performance features for the Linux operating system. We provide our customers with a standard Linux operating environment combined with our differentiated Linux extensions that improve performance, simplify system management and provide a more robust development environment.

We are also pleased to announce that this year’s SGI User Group meeting is taking place May 2-5 in Fremont, CA. If you are an SGI customer, or want to learn more about our products from the engineers who are using them to solve their most demanding daily technical computing challenges, please plan to attend this important event.

Intel Sponsored Post

It began with the Intel® microprocessor, the invention that sparked a revolution. Intel’s history of developing groundbreaking technology continues today. We attract the most brilliant minds in science to push the boundaries of innovation and further our position as the world’s leader in semiconductor technology. Our passion is to create technology that changes the world.

High Performance Computing
Helping to accelerate innovation, high performance computing technologies from Intel are optimized to maximize performance for compute and bandwidth intensive applications. According to, Intel powers 398 of the top 500 supercomputers around the globe. In addition, Intel based platforms represented 90% of the new entries onto the list in 2010.

Technical computing on Intel Architecture

  • Enable efficient and timely development of innovative ideas.
  • Provide meaningful analytical results in response to exponentially growing data complexity and associated analysis requirements.
  • Transform data, whether it be observed, simulated, or both, into readily comprehensible information.
  • Combining extreme intelligent performance to accelerate your insight.

Drive performance with advanced silicon
32nm Intel® microarchitecture provides the performance to accomplish the most demanding tasks in high performance computing.

Featured Product: next generation Intel® Xeon® 5600 processor (codenamed Westmere)

  • 50% more processor cores (up to 6) and 50% more cache (up to 12M) vs previous generation
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • QuickPath interconnect up to 6.4 GT/s
  • Integrated Memory Controller
  • Intel® Turbo Boost Technology,
  • Hyper-Threading technology, 2x the number of software threads

Unleash application performance
Intel software tools enable developers to optimize their applications total performance fast and efficiently.

  • Create, analyze, and optimize high-performance applications on clusters of Intel® processor-based systems with the help of Intel® Cluster Tools.
  • Intel® Software Network—Your doorway to the broad range of programs, products, resources and content available to the software community from Intel. Understand the new technologies, speed your development cycle, and let the Intel Software Network community help you get your product to market faster.

Tool suite for MPI developers on high-performance clusters: Intel® Cluster Studio 2011
Intel® Cluster Studio provides exceptional value at a significantly discounted price for clusters running either Linux* or Windows*. Easy to install and easy to use, this Intel software package helps you develop, analyze, and optimize performance of parallel applications for clusters using Intel® 32- and 64-bit architectures.