DDN User Group at SC17 Video Gallery

Welcome to the DDN User Group at SC17 Video Gallery

Our Move to a new Data Production Service – Tim Pugh Director, Supercomputer Programme, Australian Bureau of Meteorology * Video * Slides

DDN Applied Technologies, Performance and Use Cases, James Coomer, DDN * Video * Slides

BioBurst — Leveraging Burst Buffer Technology for Campus Research Computing – Ron Hawkins Director, Industry Relations, San Diego Supercomputer Center * Video * Slides

MeDiCI: How to withstand a research data tsunami – Jake Carroll Senior ICT Manager, Research Computing, The Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland, Australia * Video * Slides

Sensors, AI, and Storage: Accelerating Smart City Development, Joel Zysman Director of Advanced Computing, University of Miami Center for Computational Science * Video * Slides

Experiences in providing secure multi-tenant Lustre access to OpenStack – Dr. Peter Clapham Team Leader, Informatics Systems Group, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute * Video * Slides

A Petascale HPC System at BASF – Dr. Stephan Schenk Head of HPC, BASF * Video * Slides