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  • Thu

    International Workshop on OpenPOWER for HPC

    ISC 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany

    This workshop will provide a venue for the broader HPC community to further understand OpenPOWER technologies and discuss how they can be harnessed for HPC applications needs. The latest advances in OpenPOWER and how they might be used to address challenges regarding system architecture, networking, memory designs, exploitation of accelerators, programming models, and porting applications are of current interest within the HPC community and this workshop. Closely related topics also include OpenACC, OpenMP, OpenSHMEM, OpenUCX, MPI, Tools, etc. for the OpenPOWER ecosystem. As this is a novel architecture that is beginning to play a significant role in HPC, we expect this session to be well attended. Furthermore, since this is an emerging technology ecosystem, we endeavor to announce the workshop as early as possible to attract contributions. Learn more.