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  • Tue

    The Next Generation of Data-Centric Supercomputers: An HPC-AI Online Webinar

    9:00am - 11:00amSingapore

    This webinar is the pre-conference for the 2020 HPC-AI competition where we will discuss the HPC and AI technology trend, introduce the competition programs and optimization direction, as well as competition experience sharing from the previous winner. HPC and AI supercomputers are the essential tools we need to conduct research, enable scientific discoveries, design new products, and develop self-learning software algorithms. The exponential increase in data volume brought forth a new processing unit – the IPU (I/O Processing Unit), which includes In-Network Computing engines. The combination of CPUs, GPUs and IPUs creates the next generation of data center and edge computing architectures.

    The APAC HPC-AI competition is targeting to promoting the latest HPC and AI technologies to the universities and research centers, training the students with the latest HPC and AI technologies, bridging the gap between universities/research institutes and industries, offering the chance for the undergraduates and graduates to practice in the newest HPC and AI platform, opening the mind of students and industries to optimize the production applications. Learn more.