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  • Wed

    Industry experts from AWS and Revelio Labs explore workforce optimization through third-party data

    11:00 AM PT (2:00 PM ET)Webinar

    Find out how to optimize the workforce through third-party data

    Join this webinar to hear from leaders at AWS Data Exchange, Revelio Labs, and senior industry experts about the ways in which third-party data can be a game changer in optimizing onsite infrastructures, the remote workforce, and other assets and areas that impact the day-to-day running of businesses.

    You will learn:

    • How the current economic market is changing the workplace, including hybrid setups and the potential of a recession
    • Why implementing third-party data can help to find pitfalls in infrastructures and performance
    • How utilising third-party data helps to empower data pipelines and business decisions
    • The ability to capitalise on third-party data capabilities to monitor and optimise performance
    • How combining AWS Data Exchange and Revelio Labs services can help create advanced insights that can level-up workforce management

    Who should attend:

    Chief Data Officers, data scientists, business intelligence, and analytics professionals.

    You’re Invited!

    Date: September 28th, 2022

    Time: 11:00 AM PT (2:00 PM ET)

    Length: 60 minutes

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