HPC and your Business

insideHPC is committed to helping as many people as possible learn about the power of HPC — after all, we don’t just write about HPC, our reporters and editors work in real HPC centers every day.

There are a growing number of large and small companies out there who want to sell you a solution, and many of them have great information to help you along in your decision process. But you also need to understand the basics for yourself, without any worries about whether what you are reading is marketing material or valuable advice. That’s why we created the HPC and your Business portal. Here you’ll find case studies, interviews with and stories about real live businesses that are starting to use HPC, and basic introductory information about HPC to help you form your own opinions about what might work for you.

This portal is a collaboration with our readers. We’d love your feedback. Send us an email and let us know how we can give you more of the information you need.