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Next Steps

After you’ve mastered the basic concepts you’ll need information to help you take the next steps as you start planning where, and how, high performance computing will fit into your business.

Where does HPC fit into my small business?

HPC is being used in business — from mega corps to small mom and pops — every day. From logistics and marketing of merchandise to engineering simulations and financial analysis, HPC can help you answer questions that give your more insight into how to grow you business. But the key to knowing whether an HPC investment makes sense for you is knowing what you want to accomplish. This article will help get you on your way.

What kind of solution with work in my environment?

From do-it-yourself clusters to turnkey solutions and cloud computing, there is a wide variety of ways to get started in HPC. Learn what the advantages and disadvantages of some of the most common options are, and what kinds of things you should be thinking about as you plan an HPC deployment in your business.

Getting ready: assessing your requirements

Performance is obviously a key consideration in buy a high performance computing solution for your business, and the best way to assess performance is to benchmark your application. But there is more to assessing your requirements than know how you application will run on the hardware you are buying. You also need to consider how your solution will fit in with the computers you already have.