HPC User Forum Video Gallery – Fall 2015 in Broomfield


Welcome to the HPC User Forum Video Gallery

Welcome & HPC Market Update, Earl Joseph, IDC * Slides * Video not available

Focus Area: HPC in the Earth Sciences

  • Evolution of NASA Earth Science Data Systems in the Era of Big Data, Christopher Lynnes, NASA * Slides * Video
  • High Performance Computing for the Louisiana Coastal Master Plan, Zachary Cobell, ARCADIS-US * Video * Slides
  • MITgcm And How High Performance Computing Has Led To Significant Scientific Discoveries In Earth Science, Christopher Hill, MIT * Video * Slides
  • Refactoring Climate And Weather Applications For Exascale, Rich Loft, NCAR * Slides * Video not available
  • HP R&D Plans for HPC * Video

Technology Focus Area: HPDA/Big Data Supporting Technologies, Security, Interconnects and Storage:

  • Update on DMF/LiveArc, Kirill Malkin, SGI * Slides * Video
  • Dell’s New HPC Vision, Strategy, and Plans Jim Ganthier, Dell * Video
  • The New Intel Omni-Path Architecture, Brett Costelo, Intel * Slides ** Video not available
  • HPC + D + A = HPDA?, Barry Bolding, Cray * SlidesVideo
  • Best Practices in Private Sector Cyber Security, Bob Sorensen, IDC * Slides * Video
  • Leveraging HPC for Alzheimers Research and Beyond, Joe Lombardo, UNLV/NCSEE * Video * Slides
  • The Inspur-Intel China Parallel Computing Joint Lab, Qing Zhang, Inspur * Slides * Video not available
  • HPC Best Practices: Lessons observed from 40+ HPC procurement & service review projects, Andy Jones, NAG * Video not available
  • Update on the ROI with HPC, Highlighting HPC Success Stories, Earl Joseph, IDC * Slides * Video
  • NOAA Software Engineering for Novel Architectures (SENA) Project, Leslie Hart,  * Slides * Video

Panel on US Plans for Advancing HPC: Potential Implications Of The White House Executive Order and NSCI

  • Panel moderator: Bob Sorensen
  • Panel members: Randy Bryant, OSTP, Irene Qualters, National Science Foundation, DOE Office of Science, Will Koella, Department of Defense, NASA, and other agencies * Video

Open Forum Discussion and Q&A of the NSCI Plans and Directions

  • Panel members: Doug Kothe, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Bill Kramer, NCSA, Rob Leland, Sandia National Laboratory, Bert Still, LLNL, Nathan Baker, PNNL, Piyush Mehrotra, NASA Advanced Supercomputing Division, and David Lifka, CASC * Video

Disruptive Technology Panel

  • 3D Xpoint technology, Ralph Biesemeyer, Intel * Slides * Video
  • Optalysys Optical Processing for HPC, Nick New, Optalysys * Video * Slides
  • Processing 1 EB per Day for the SKA Radio Telescope, Peter Braam, Cambridge University * Slides * Video
  • DDN: Infinite Memory Engine, Roger Goff, DDN * Slides * Video
  • The D-Wave 2X Quantum Computer: 1,000 Qubits, Bo Ewald, D-Wave * Video * Slides
  • Challenging Data Analytics Architectures, Joseph George, Hewlett Packard * Slides * Video
  • ExaNest technology: Targeting Exascale in 2018, Peter Hopton, Iceotope * Slides * Video
  • Leveraging Containers in Elastic Environments, Nick Ihli, Adaptive Computing * Slides * Video
  • Breaking the Disk IO Bottleneck in CFD by Eliminating It, Steve Legensky, Intelligent Light * Slides * Video
  • NVLink for GPUs, Stan Posey, Nvidia * Slides * Video
  • Heterogeneous On-Demand Storage for HPC Workflows in the Cloud, Leo Reiter, Nimbix * Slides * Video
  • Optimizing Cloud and HPC Technologies through a Disruptive Business Model for Advanced Simulation, Victor Wright, Altair Engineering * Slides * Video
  • All and none of the above, Paul Muzio, CUNY  * Slides * Video

Panel: Energy Efficiency and Renewables Panel, Moderated by Steve Hammond, NREL * Video


  • HPC in Energy Applications, Steve Hammond, NREL
  • Wind Plant Flow Physics, Michael Sprague, NREL
  • Simulations for Enhanced Drilling Techniques, Joel Moxley, ForoEnergy
  • Materials by Design, Vladan Stevanovic, NREL


  • EU/European HPC Plans for the Next Decade, Bob Sorensen, IDC * Slides * Video
  • HPC site update: Doug Kothe, ORNL * Video