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InsideTrack: SC08 Cluster Challenge Technical Brief

As those of you attending SC08 this year begin to fill your calendars, we wanted to bring your attention back around to the second annual Cluster Challenge.  Last time, we introduced you to the teams and their respective vendor sponsors.  This time, we introduce you to the individual applications required during the performance qualification runs.  […]

InsideTrack: SC08 Cluster Challenge Teams

The Cluster Challenge is an event in its second year of existence which encourages technical participation from university undergraduates.  That’s right, undergrads.  The teams are made of up to six of undergraduate students, a supervising professor and a partnering HPC vendor.  The students will architect a machine with the support of their respective vendor organization.  […]

SiCortex Teams with Purdue for SC08 Cluster Challenge

HPCWire: Purdue has just announced that it has teamed with SiCortex for the Supercomputing 2008 Cluster Challenge competition.  One can certainly understand why they chose SiCortex.  One of the major driving requirements in the annual Cluster Challenge is power.  The teams are limited to two power drops each. I am confident that the talented members […]

Teams from Across the Globe to face off in the SC19 Student Cluster Competition

SC19 has published the roster for their upcoming Student Cluster Competition. In this non-stop, 48-hour showdown, student teams race to complete real scientific application workloads on small clusters they have designed and built. “This year’s competitors for the Student Cluster Competition showcase a mix of new and returning talent. From of a pool of 30 applicants, 13 teams were selected to compete.”

SC09 Student Cluster Competition: Go Green!

Those of you that have been faithful readers of insideHPC for at least a year might remember our coverage of last year’s SC08 Cluster Challenge. Well, we’re at it again! This year’s challenge has a new name, new theme and a few new twists to the rules. You’ll have to hit the read link for the full skinny, but here’s a peek: teams are not allowed to include members who have already been granted a degree by a four-year institution.

2008 Cluster Challenge Results

Submitted by Brent Gorda. The second Cluster Challenge was held a few weeks ago in association with SC08 in Austin and, with the cycling theme, has been described as the “Tour de France of SC”.  The peloton consisted of 7 teams gathered from 4 countries to build and run a supercomputer on benchmarks and applications […]

SC08 Debrief

My three-hour trek up I35 from Austin to Dallas finally allowed me the time to gather my thoughts and reflect on this year’s Supercomputing extravaganza.  Rather than slogging through paragraphs of what I saw this year, I decided to condense my thoughts into highlight bullets.  Here goes… .: Thanks go out the the SC08 committee […]

SC08 Conference 'Challenges' HPC Community

Found at HPCwire, details on the four Challenges at this year’s SC The Bandwidth Challenge, now in its ninth year, is an annual competition for leading-edge network applications developed by teams of researchers from around the globe. This year’s Challenge will focus on real-world applications and data movement issues, and will include live demonstrations across […]

SC08: make a date!

There are a couple big dates for SC coming up right quick now… Today Education Program Applications due July 31 Entries for Challenges due July 31. Demonstrate your expertise in the Analytics, Bandwidth, Cluster or Storage Challenge. Poster submissions due July 31, for both student posters and regular posters. Birds of a Feather (BoF) submissions […]

The Cluster Challenge: growing HPC one contest at a time

SC08 will once again bring the Cluster Challenge to university teams from around the world. Teams of undergraduates will compete on the exhibit floor, using clusters of their own design, to run a workload of real-world problems. The contest is simple, but the idea is big: users of all skills, and organizations of all sizes, […]