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NEW: Featured Videos from SC12 (November 2012)


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Featured Videos from ISC’12

  • Altair
    • Steering HPC Cluster Jobs with the Altair PBS Pro Workload Manager. In this video, HP’s Ed Turkel discusses the importance of robust workload management software for HPC clusters. The company partners with Altair to package PBS Professional workload management software with its systems  so that customers can get up and running their applications easily.
  • Micron
    • Micron at ISC’12 Hamburg. In this video, Dean Klein, VP of Memory System Development at Micron discusses the company’s memory and flash solutions for High Performance Computing.
  • SGI
    • Interview: SGI’s Big Brain Supercomputer Enables Scientific Discovery. In this video, Bill Mannel from SGI discusses the new “Big Brain” supercomputer called the SGI Altix UV 2. He also describes the company’s new Sandy Bridge clusters solutions, TOP500 results, and a recent win in Finland for a container-based supercomputer. Recorded at ISC’12 in Hamburg.
  • Xyratex
    • Xyratex Commitment to Lustre and OpenSFS. In this video, Torben Kling-Petersen from Xyratex discusses the company’s commitment to the Lustre file system and why it is important for them to be a Promoter-level member of the OpenSFS community.
    • Mike Stolz on the new ClusterStor 6000 for HPC. In this video, Mike Stolz from Xyratex describes the company’s new ClusterStor 6000 product and why Xyratex is leading the way in HPC storage with performance without sacrificing reliability.


This year at SC11, we saw overwhelming demand for our in-booth videos. In fact, this page showcases 30 HPC Vendors who engaged with insideHPC to capture the best of what they have to offer the HPC community.

SC11 Featured Videos (Alphabetical by Vendor Name)







  • BlueArc Does Big Data at SC11. In this video, Bjorn Andersson from BlueArc discusses the company’s advanced storage solutions for Big Data and HPC.


Convey Computer

  • Convey Hybird Core Computing at SC11. In this video, Bruce Toal from Convey Computer discusses how the company’s hybrd systems provide superior performance on graph computing applications.
  • Convey Computer Rocks the Graph500 at SC11. In this video, Kirby Collins from Convey Computer discusses why the company’s hybrid-core architecture is so effective on Graph500 computing applications.


  • Cray Sonexion Storage Takes Lustre to Infinite Scale. In this video, Cray’s Barry Bolding describes the company’s new storage offering– the Cray Sonexion, powered by Lustre. After that, Derek Robb shows us Cray’s “Single Pane of Glass” storage management software.



  • Dell Research Computing at SC11. In this video, Tim Carroll from Dell describes how the company’s research customers are using Dell supercomputers to fight cancer and other diseases.


HPC Advisory Council

  • HPC Advisory Council at SC11. In this video, Gilad Shainer from the HPC Advisory Council describes the organization’s efforts to share best practices and do outreach and education with support of the Student Cluster Challenge at SC11 and ISC’12.



  • IBM Intelligent Clusters at SC11. In this video, IBM’s Chris Espinosa describes the company’s intelligent cluster systems for HPC. He then goes on to show a demo where GPU powered HS22 blades and IDataplex platforms provide a 10x speedup on a heart MRI application.
  • IBM BladeCenter H Systems at SC11. In this video, IBM’s Keith Olsen describes the company’s BladeCenter H systems for HPC. Over 10 percent of the TOP500 systems are based on the BladeCenter H platform.







  • Mellanox FDR InfiniBand at SC11. In this video, Gilad Shainer from Mellanox discusses the impact FDR InfiniBand is making on the HPC and TOP500 landscape. He also describes new virtualized GPU technology enabled by IB’s low latency and new MPI communication libraries.







  • Steve Scott at SC11In this video, Nvidia’s Steve Scott talks about why he came to the company to become CTO of the Tesla Business. He then goes on to describe why the GPU-powered Cray XK6 Titan supercomputer at Oak Ridge is an important milestone on the road to Exascale computing.
  • Cuda Reaches 5th Birthday at SC11. In this video, Nvidia’s Ian Buck talks about how Cuda turned 5 years old this week at SC11. He also talks about OpenACC, a new open parallel programming standard designed to enable the millions of scientific and technical programmers to easily take advantage of the transformative power of heterogeneous CPU/GPU computing systems.



  • Panasas Ramps up for pNFS Future at SC11In this video, Geoffrey Noer from Panasas discusses the company’s high performance storage solutions and how the pNFS standard will be a game-changer for HPC in the near future.


Penguin Computing

  • Penguin Computing at SC11. In this video, Penguin Computing CTO Phil Pokorny discusses the company’s latest innovation–an APU-based supercomputer deployed at Sandia National Labs.


PGI – The Portland Group


Platform Computing

  • Platform Computing at SC11In this video, Platform Computing CEO Songnian Zhou talks about the future of the company’s HPC software technologies.




Run Time Design Automation (RTDA)





  • Solarflare Application Acceleration at SC11. In this video, Solarflare President and CEO Russel Stern describes the company’s kernel bypass technology designed to deliver exremely low latency for extreme application performance. Solarflare has enjoyed great success in financial markets at places like the New York Stock Exchange and is now taking their solutions to the general HPC marketplace.


Spectra Logic

  • Spectra Logic at SC11. In this video, Spectra Logic CMO Molly Rector describes the company’s latest tape storage technologies at SC11 in Seattle.





  • Supermicro at SC11. In this video, Don Clegg from Supermicro describes the company’s wide breadth of products for the HPC market.




Texas Instruments



  • Univa Grid Engine at SC11. In this video, Univa’s Rob Secontine talls about how the company supports and extends Univa Grid Engine software with robust features for HPC and Big Data.





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