LAD’14 Video Gallery

LAD14_Logo_web_02Welcome to the LAD’14 Video Gallery.


LAD’14 Presentations:

  • Lustre Releases, Peter Jones, Intel * Video * Slides
  • Transactional, Small File, and Metadata Performance and Scalablility in Lustre 2.5: A Comprehensive Survey, Shuichi Ihara, James Coomer, Robert Triendl, DataDirect Networks * Video * Slides
  • Lustre at DLS, Sysadmin Experience, Dave Bond, Diamond Light Source Ltd, UK * Video * Slides
  • NCI site update (Lustre-HSM projects), Daniel Rodwell, National Computational Infrastructure, Australia* Video * Slides
  • Challenges in making Lustre systems reliable, Roland Laifer, KIT, Germany * Video * Slides
  • Testing Lustre for robustness and scalability, Cory Spitz and Chris Horn, Cray * Video * Slides
  • Testing Lustre with Xperior, Roman Grigoryev, Xyratex * Video * Slides
  • Analyzing and Predicting LBUG’s with a Hidden Markov Model, Thomas Stibor, GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research, Germany * Video * Slides
  • Lustre & SELinux: in theory and in practice, Sébastien Buisson, Bull * Video * Slides
  • Fujitsu’s Lustre contributions, Kenichiro Sakai, Fujitsu Ltd. * Video * Slides
  • Lustre Features and Ongoing Development, Andreas Dilger, Intel * Video * Slides
  • Building a CIFS/NFS Gateway to Lustre, Chris Gouge, Xyratex * Video * Slides
  • Monitoring the whole thing! – integration monitoring sources from clusters, Lustre and fabric, Dr. Erich Focht, NEC HPC Europe, Stuttgart, Germany * Video * Slides
  • Scalable changelog distribution, Henri Doreau, CEA, France * Video * Slides
  • Exascale: A Long Look at Lustre Limitations, Nathan Rutman, Xyratex * Video * Slides
  • Adopting Fast Forward features for use in Lustre, Eric Barton, Intel * Video * Slides
  • Experiments with IO Proxies over Lustre, Grégoire Pichon, Bull * Video * Slides
  • The current status of the adoption of ZFS as backend filesystem for Lustre: an early evaluation, Gabriele Paciucci, Andrew C Uselton and Zhiqi Tao, Intel * Video * Slides
  • ZFS improvements for HPC, Johann Lombardi, Intel * Video * Slides
  • Performance Comparison of Lustre and HDFS for MR Applications, Rekha Singhal, Gabriele Paciucci and Mukesh Gangadhar, Tata Consultancy Services * Video * Slides