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LUG 2014 Video Gallery

Welcome to our Video Gallery for LUG 2014.
(LUG 2014 Presentation files are now available from OpenSFS)

Special Features from the Show

  • Announcement: Seagate Donates to the User Community, Ken Claffey, Xyratex * Video
  • Interview: OpenSFS Welcomes Back into User Community * Video
  • Brent Gorda on What’s New in the Lustre Community * Video * Slides
  • LUG 2014 Timelapse Photo Montage

Day 1: April 8, 2014

  • OpenSFS Update, Galen Shipman, OpenSFS * Video * Slides
  • EOFS Update, Hugo Falter, EOFS, * Video * Slides
  • Lustre Releases – Christopher Morrone, OpenSFS * Video * Slides
  • Lustre Client Performance Comparison and Tuning (1.8.x to 2.x) John Fragalla, Xyratex * Video * Slides
  • Moving Lustre Forward – What We’ve Learned and What’s Coming, Brent Gorda, Intel * Video * Slides
  • Lustre Client IO Performance Improvements, Andrew Usleton, Intel * Video * Slides
  • Xyratex Update (Lustre acquisition, futures, etc.) Michael Connolly and Peter Bojanic, Xyratex * Video * Slides
  • Lustre 2.5 Performance Evaluation: Performance Improvements with Large I/O Patches, Metadata Improvements, and Metadata Scaling with DNE — Hitoshi Sato, TITECH and Shuichi Ihara, DDN * Video * Slides
  • Lustre Future Features, Andreas Dilger, Intel * Video * Slides
  • Lustre Feature Details:
    • John Hammond, Intel Lustre Layout Enhancement  * Video * Slides
    • Mikhail Pershin, Intel Lustre Data on MDT/Small File I/O  * Video * Slides
    • Jinshan Xiong, Intel Lustre File Level Replication * Video * Slides
  • OpenSFS, Lustre, and HSM: an update from Cray, Cory Spitz and Jason Goodman, Cray * Video * Slides
  • Quotas for Projects: A Proposed New Feature, Shuichi Ihara, DDN * Video * Slides
  • Dynamic LNET Config, Amir Shehata, Intel * Video * Slides
  • LLNL – Production Plans and Best Practices, Marc Stearman, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory * Video * Slides

Day 2: April 9, 2014

  • OpenSFS Releases Lustre Annual Report, Meghan McClelland, OpenSFS * Video * Slides
  • PLFS and Lustre Performance Comparison, Brett Kettering, Los Alamos National Laboratory * Video * Slides
  • Running Native Lustre Client inside Xeon Phi, Dmitry Eremin and Zhiqi Tao, Intel * Video * Slides
  • Integrating Array Management into Lustre, Roger Ronald and Kevin Moran, System Fabric Works * Video * Slides
  • Metadata Benchmarks and MD Performance Metrics, Sorin Faibish, EMC * Video * Slides
  • Practical Applications of Lustre/ZFS Hybrid Systems, Josh Judd, Warp Mechanics * Video * Slides
  • Collective I/O for Exascale I/O Intensive Applications, Sai Narasimhamurthy, Xyratex * Video * Slides
  • SSD Provisioning for Exascale Storage Systems: When, Where and How much? Devesh Tiwari, Oak Ridge National Laboratory * Video * Slides
  • A Vision of Storage for Exascale Computing, Eric Barton, Intel * Video * Slides
  • An efficient distributed burst buffer system for Lustre, Bradley Settlemyer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory * Video * Slides
  • Lustre for the Real World: Experiences with Lustre Beyond Standard HPC Applications, Robert Triendl, DDN * Video * Slides
  • Panel: 2020 HPC Platform Architectures and their Impact on Storage * Video
  • Panelists:
    • Al Geist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory * Slides
    • Rob Ross, MCS, ANL * Slides
    • Lee Ward, Sandia National Laboratory * Slides
    • Terri Quinn, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory * Slides
    • Moderator: Steve Simms, Indiana University
  • Lustre File System Acceleration Using Server or Storage-Side Caching: Basic Approaches and Application Use Cases, James Coomer, DDN * Video * Slides

Day 3: April 10, 2014

  • Run Hadoop Map Reduce Jobs on Lustre, Zhiqi Tao, Intel * Video * Slides
  • Progress Report on Efficient Integration of Lustre and Hadoop/YARN, Weikuan Yu, Auburn University and Omkar Kulkarni, Intel * Video * Slides
  • OpenSFS Benchmarking Working Group Filesystem Monitoring Task Effort, Andrew Uselton, Intel * Video  * Slides
  • Fine-grained File System Monitoring with Lustre Jobstat, Patrick Fitzhenry, DDN and Daniel Rodwell, Australian National University * Video  * Slides
  • Lustre Log Analyzer: A Community-centric Effort to Improve Lustre Log Analysis, Kalpak Shah, DDN * Video * Slides