Media Kit Media Kit is the fastest growing HPC news source on the internet, serving up millions of pageviews each month to a highly targeted, dedicated following of supercomputing and HPC professionals. With up to a dozen news updates per day, insideHPC readers come back to the site throughout the day to stay current with technology, events, and business developments in HPC.

Online since December 2006, insideHPC is the web’s source for short-form reporting of “HPC news to supercomputing professionals.” But insideHPC doesn’t publish just any news — our writers and editors are HPC professionals who have spent their careers developing applications in the supercomputing community, architecting HPC systems, and running some of the largest supercomputing centers in the world. We don’t just write about HPC, we do HPC. And we bring that experience to our reporting each day, filtering out the noise from the daily stream of news in the HPC ecosystem to find the signal that matters most to our readers.

Over 60% of our readers check the site at least daily, and 75% of them rate insideHPC as their first source for HPC news, more than any other HPC publication. And insideHPC news has a tremendous viral component: 92% of our readers have passed along news they find at the site to colleagues, and 75% of our readers pass along news at least once a month.

To-the-point content throughout the day

insideHPC brings together hundreds of news sources on the web each day, highlighting the most relevant developments in the technology, tools, policy, and applications of supercomputing. The home page provides a continuously evolving snapshot of the HPC community, with to-the-point news items that get to the heart of each story and provide analysis on why readers need to care.

Fast-paced original features that break news in the community

insideHPC complements its short-form reporting with occasional features and in-depth original reporting on topics that matter most to our community. insideHPC’s features also break exclusive news about what’s going on in HPC, and provide one-of-a-kind views into the personalities and issues driving the biggest news in the business.


insideHPC also offers special in-depth audio programs. These features talk with the people and organizations shaping the industry today, and focus on the issues that are on the tip of everyone’s tongue when thinking about the future of HPC.

Readers depend upon insideHPC for breaking news

insideHPC frequently breaks the news that matters most to the supercomputing community. The relationships that insideHPC’s editors and writers have with the community give us immediate access to the people making the news. We were the first to publish that Al Gore would keynote SC09 in a feature read by 4,000 people the day it was published. On the day that SGI announced its bankruptcy, insideHPC was the number 1 Google result for news about the deal — ahead of both SGI and Rackable — and insideHPC was the first to publish news of SiCortex’s suspension of business.

Leading results for key search terms

With years of content documenting the major developments in HPC and supercomputing, Google loves insideHPC. Although specific search rankings vary day by day, these results are representative of the high visibility our content gets from the internet’s leading search engine (term, insideHPC’s position in search results):

Keyword Google
HPC news 1
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HPC in bioscience 4

And we rank on the front page for dozens of other top search terms like “hpc tools,” “hpc software,” “hpc conference,” “buy hpc cluster,” and more. Don’t see the search terms you care about? Head over to your favorite search engine and see where we rank for yourself!

Who reads insideHPC?

insideHPC readers are from all over the world.

insideHPC readers are from industry, universities, government, and the vendor community.

insideHPC readers are intimately involved in HPC purchasing.

Our readers are from all over the world and represent the major HPC facilities, industry segments, user communities, and vendors.

Some of the organizations reading insideHPC include: Hess, BNP Paribas, Boeing, CSC, Lockheed Martin, HCA Healthcare, Landmark Information Group, Goodyear, Novartis, BAE Systems, Air Force Research Laboratory, Naval Research Laboratory, Army Research Laboratory, Department of Defense, Riken, Oak Ridge National Lab, Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Sandia, NERSC, NOAA, NASA, European Center for Medium-range Weather Forecasting, Swiss National Supercomputing Center, MIT, Imperial College London, Cineca, UIUC, RENCI, University of Toronto, Duke, SDSC, the Ohio Supercomputer Center, University of Missouri, Rutgers, Indiana University, University of Utah, Arctic Region Supercomputing Center, University of Bath, Lehigh University, Penguin Computing, Intel, SGI, ClusterVision, IBM, Cray, HP, Sun, Mitrionics, Dell, Ensight, Panasas, LSI, Appro, ScaleMP, Pervasive, Microsoft, Scalable Informatics, ESRI, NetApp, NVIDIA, Chelsio, Terascala, Convey Computer, and many, many others.

What are some of our readers saying?

“I just realized today that I rarely read anything but insideHPC…it’s inside HPC, all day, everyday! I love the honest input and the quick, insightful format. It matches the intensity of my day.” P., US

“Keep up the excellent work; insideHPC is, by a very long way, the best HPC resource on the web.” Owen, UK

“This is great information. I’ve learned more about HPC from your publication than anywhere else.” Todd, US

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