MSST 2017 Video Gallery

Welcome to the MSST 2017 Video Gallery

Tuesday Agenda:

  • An Update on MarFS in Production, David Bonnie, Los Alamos National Laboratory Slides * Video
  • Bridging Big – Small, Fast – Slow with Campaign Storage Peter Braam, Campaign Storage, LLC Slides * Video
  • Limits of Hard Drives for Long-Term Storage – Behind the Curtain of Backblaze Hard Drive Stats, Andrew Klein, Backblaze, VideoSlides
  • Fragmentation at Low Utilization in the Lustre File System, John Kaitschuck, Seagate, VideoSlides
  • Designing and Managing Large, Long-Lived Archives Efficiently, Donna Harland, Oracle VideoSlides
  • A Virtual Object Store and Yet Another HSM, Igor Sfiligoi, General Atomics, Video * Slides
  • Design Decisions and Trade-offs in Apache Accumulo, Aaron Cordova, Koverse, VideoSlides
  • Exadata: Design of an Extreme-Scale SQL Processing System, Matthew O’Keefe, Oracle, Video * Slides
  • Building High Speed Erasure Coding Libraries for ARM and x86 Processors, Per Simonsen, Memoscale, VideoSlides
    Per Simonsen, Memoscale
  • Storage acceleration with ISA-L, Greg Tucker, Intel, VideoSlides
  • SPARC Chip Support for Compression, Encryption, and SQL, Stephen Phillips, Oracle, VideoSlides
  • The Benefits of Hardware-Software Co-Design/Convergence for Large-Scale Enterprise Workloads, Michael Palmeter, Oracle, VideoSlides
  • Panel Discussion: The Limits of Open Source in Extreme-Scale Storage Systems Design, Video


Wednesday Agenda:

  • Memory Driven Computing, Kimberly Keeton, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Video
  • Parallel I/O at NERSC: Today and Tomorrow, Glenn Lockwood, NERSC, VideoSlides
  • Storage Innovation in Extreme-Scale HPC Data Centers, Ellen Salmon, NASA, Video * Slides
  • Storage Development at CERN, Dr. Michal Simon, CERN, Video Not Available * Slides
  • Panel — How Extreme-Scale HPC Data Centers Can Leverage Public Cloud for Computing and Storage
  • ZFS for Extreme-Scale NAS, Jason Schaffer, Oracle, Video * Slides
  • Improving Network Attached Storage, Jim Finlayson, Department of Defense, Video Not Available * Slides
  • Lightning-fast File Operations for Extreme Scale Name Spaces: Techniques for Applying Structure to Unstructured Data, Mitch Crane, Cloudtenna, Video * Slides
  • Accelerating Ceph data services with Intel QuickAssist Technology and ISA-L, Tushar Gohad, Intel, Video * Slides
  • Tiered Erasure – When Flat Doesn’t Fit, David Bonnie, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Video * Slides
  • How Can Extreme-Scale Storage Systems Support Containerization? Unsolved Storage Issues in Linux Container Interfaces, Dr. James Bottomley, IBM, Video 
  • Learning from ZFS to Scale Storage on and under Containers, Evan Powell, Entrepreneur, Video * Slides
  • Big Software-RAID Storage in Zoned Virtual Environments, Scott Sinno, NASA, Video * Slides
  • Basic Principles and Challenges of STT-MRAM for Embedded Memory Applications, Luc Thomas, Headway, Video * Slides
  • Persistent Memory Programming: The Current State of the Ecosystem, Andy Rudoff, Intel, Video * Slides
  • NOVA: A High-Performance, Hardened File System for Non-Volatile Main Memories, Dr. Steven Swanson, University of California, San Diego, Video Not Available * Slides
  • A Sideband Database for HPC and Archival Storage Systems Supporting Billions of Files, Jacob Farmer, Starfish, Video * Slides