Print n' Fly Guide to SC10 New Orleans

Welcome to the Mobile Version of the Print ‘n Fly Guide to SC10 New Orleans.


We designed this 29-page Guide to be an in-flight magazine custom tailored for your journey to the Big Easy at SC10.

As a destination city, New Orleans has much to offer in the way of sights, food, and entertainment, but the one thing I’ve always been most impressed with is the hospitality of this great town. And when we asked a couple of residents for their recommendations, they went above and beyond with great tips for a fabulous week.

We hope that you find Print ‘n Fly it useful. Besides entertainment guides, we’ve included a great reprinted article from The Exascale Report as well as a science fiction story I wrote that takes place at an SC conference in the year 2030.

Enjoy the ride!

– Rich Brueckner, President, insideHPC

Download the full 29-page magazine: Print ‘n Fly Guide to SC10 New Orleans (10 Mbyte PDF)
Download the 1-pager: Pocket Guide to SC10 New Orleans (360 Kbyte PDF)