NVIDIA Makes GPU Computing Easier in the Cloud

Setting up an environment for High Performance Computing (HPC) especially using GPUs can be daunting. There can be multiple dependencies, a number of supporting libraries required, and complex installation instructions. NVIDIA has made this easier with the announcement and release of HPC Application Containers with the NVIDIA GPU Cloud.

Job of the Week: Senior Linux System Administrator at Yale

Yale University is seeking a Sr. Linux System Administrator in our Job of the Week. “In this role, you will work as a Linux senior administrator in ITS Systems Administration. Provide leadership in Linux server administration, for mission-critical services in a dynamic, 24/7 production data center environment.”

Report: TSMC’s ASML Chip Machines Can Be Remotely Shut Down if China Invades Taiwan

An invasion of Taiwan by China is unthinkable in multiple ways: it could lead to a regional war between China, U.S. allies in southeastern Asia and possibly the U.S. itself. It would be tragic for the people of Taiwan. It would be damaging, potentially disastrous, for the global economy. Unthinkable yes, but an invasion is being thought about ….

atNorth Wins Colocation Provider of the Year and Digital Infrastructure Project of the Year

Reykjavík, Iceland – May 24th, 2024 – Nordic colocation, HPC and AI service provider atNorth announced it has been awarded the Colocation Provider of the Year award at the Electrical Review & Data Centre Review Awards. atNorth has undertaken an expansion strategy in recent years, that has ensured that the business can offer high performance […]

Agnostiq Introduces AI Model Training and Serving Capabilities in Covalent Platform

TORONTO — May 23, 2024 — Agnostiq today announced an update to Covalent, its advanced computing platform. With the release of new capabilities called Function Serve, Covalent becomes an enterprise-grade solution for AI development and productionalization that provides serverless AI model training, tuning and inference in a single platform. Customers can now take any open-source […]

IBM, HPE and Quantum Corp. Report LTO Tape Capacity Shipments Grew 3.14% in 2023  

SILICON VALLEY, Calif., May 21, 2024 – The LTO Program Technology Provider Companies (TPCs), Hewlett Packard Enterprise , International Business Machines Corporation and Quantum Corporation, today released their annual tape media shipment report, detailing year-over-year shipments through the fourth quarter of 2023. The report reveals a record 152.9 exabytes (EB) of total tape capacity (compressed) shipped in 2023, with a […]

DDN and Ooredoo Form AI Digital Transformation Partnership 

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – May 23, 2024 – AI and multi-cloud data management company DDN today announced a partnership with Ooredoo, a telecommunications operator and information and communications technology (ICT) provider. Through this strategic alliance, Ooredoo will adopt DDN’s AI infrastructure, including sovereign AI capabilities, to drive innovation and improve operational efficiencies across its networks. DDN’s proven […]

At ISC 2024: Intel’s Open Software Strategy for HPC and AI

At ISC 2024, we spoke with Andrew Richards, CEO of Codeplay Software, an Intel company based in Edinburgh. Richards tells us about Codeplay’s role in supporting the ecosystem for oneAPI, Intel’s unified programming model ….

At ISC 2024: Chief Architect Kirk Bresniker on HPE’s Quantum – and Overall Heterogenous – Vision

At ISC 2024, we spoke with Kirk Bresniker, chief architect of Hewlett Packard Labs. Bresniker is closely involved in directing HPE’s supercomputing vision, and he provides a glimpse ….

At ISC 2024: AMD’s Recent and Upcoming Milestones in AI and HPC

At ISC 2024, we caught up with AMD’s Daniele Piccorozzi, senior market development manager for EMEA, to discuss AMD’s strides with its Instinct GPU accelerator and EPYC CPU product lines, how they impact AI and how it all relates ….

At ISC 2024: Andrew Whitmore on Motivair, Exascale Cooling and Innovations in Thermal Management

At ISC 2024 we caught up with Andrew Whitmore, Vice President of Sales at Motivair, whose cooling technology is at the heart of the first three U.S. exascale-class systems: Frontier, Aurora ….

Meta VR Project Developers Turn to Liqid UltraStack for NVIDIA GPU-Packed Dell Servers

[SPONSORED GUEST ARTICLE]  Meta (formerly Facebook) has a corporate culture of aggressive technology adoption, particularly in the area of AI and adoption of AI-related technologies, such as GPUs that drive AI workloads. Members of a virtual reality research project were in need of greater GPU-driven compute ….