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Liquid Computing Dries Up

The first half of the previous decade brought about quite a series of HPC startups.  With the advent of widely accepted, commodity HPC; startups popped up across the industry with offerings in tightly coupled cluster platforms and a score of software offerings.  One such startup, Liquid Computing, latest longer than most, but will soon close […]

Liquid Computing sheds staff

Timothy Prickett Morgan at The Register has a story today about Liquid Computing shedding staff as it tries to remain viable. Liquid is a company that we kept an eye on for a while, until we lost the bubble on them when they dumped their proprietary interconnect in 2008 and switched to Ethernet in a […]

Liquid Computing bails on its proprietary interconnect

Now, this is interesting. Story at The Register In the IT business, volume is everything. And when people talk about standardization, this is what they really mean. Liquid Computing – a company that entered the server space with such a big splash (and a very sophisticated design) – has learned this lesson the hard way. […]

Liquid Computing to Support Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V

Liquid Computing came out of the woodwork today to announce support for Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V. The announcement follows Liquid’s recent refocus away from niche high performance computing markets to more traditional datacenter environments. The combination of Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V technology and Liquid Computing’s LiquidIQ delivers a dynamic, virtualized data center that […]

Liquid Computing Board Ousts CEO

Apparently, the board of directors at Liquid Computing did not see eye-to-eye with co-founder and CEO Brain Hurley. They have asked him to leave in favor of appointing Greg McElheran from Axis Capital acting CEO. A Liquid spokeswoman attributed the change to the board of directors deciding to take the company in “another direction.” This […]

Liquid Computing Announces Federal Business

Liquid Computing Inc has formally announced the launch of Liquid Computing Federal Inc. The new federal branch will focus on meeting the needs of federal civilian, intelligence and defense markets. Former head of Sun Microsystems Federal, Tom Kreidler, has been named president of the new organization. I always envisioned that the computing and communications industries […]

Liquid Computing to offer Scali MPI

HPCwire is carrying a release from HPC hardware startup Liquid Computing about its new partnership with Scali Scali and Liquid Computing announced an OEM agreement supporting Scali MPI Connect on Liquid Computing’s LiquidIQ server. Scali MPI Connect is a high performance, scalable and fully supported implementation of the industry standard Message Passing Interface (MPI) which […]

Liquid Computing reaches hard with HPC Challenge results

I’m happy to see Liquid talking publicly about performance results on the HPCC benchmarks. But their marketing seems unnecessarily aggressive and a little too enthusiastic. The title of their press release is “Liquid Computing throws down the gauntlet with HPC Challenge results,” subtitled “LiquidIQ beats Cray XT3’s posted latency performance.” They go on to cite […]

Liquid Computing at the AHPCRC

Liquid Computing is announcing today its first customer acceptance of the LiquidIQ platform. The system was placed at the Army High Performance Computing Research Center (AHPCRC). No details in the release on the configuration (if you’re a reader with details, let me know). From Liquid’s web site: Liquid Computing Inc. is first to deliver a […]

Liquid Computing

I’m very happy to see a new crop of hardware vendors popping up that are doing new things. Companies like SiCortex and Liquid Computing. Mind you I’m not assessing the technology (yet: but I do have in depth assessments of these offerings in the works), I’m just glad that somebody out there is doing more […]