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Stanford HPC Conference 2019 Video Gallery

Welcome to the 2019 Stanford HPC Conference

Join the Stanford High Performance Computing Center (HPCC) and HPC-AI Advisory Council (HPCAIAC) for two days of invited and contributed talks, hands-on tutorials and workshops on HPC, AI, Data Sciences, Machine Learning and much more. Focused on contributing to making the world a better place, our only US-based conference draws together renowned subject matter experts (SMEs) – from private and public sectors to startups and global giants, from across interests and industries in the valley and beyond – to explore the domains and disciplines fueling huge advances in new and ongoing research, innovation, and breakthrough discoveries.

  • Sierra: Science Unleashed, Rob Neely, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory * Video * Slides
  • XTREME-Stargate – The New Era of HPC Cloud platform, Naoki Shibata & David Barkai, XTREME-D Inc. * Video * Slides
  • How to Design Scalable HPC, Deep Learning and Cloud Middleware for Exascale Systems, DK Panda, Ohio State University * Video * Slides
  • SUSE Linux for HPC – It Just Keeps Getting Better, Jay Kruemcke, SUSE * Video * Slides
  • Spack: A Package Manager for HPC, Todd Gamblin, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory * Video * Slides
  • Architecting the Right System for Your AI Application—without the Vendor Fluff, Brett Newman, Microway, Inc. * Video * Slides
  • Designing Convergent HPC and BigData Software Stacks: An Overview of the HiBD Project, DK Panda, Ohio State University * Video * Slides
  • Introduction to Intel Optane Data Center Persistent Memory, Usha Upadhyayula & Tom Krueger, Intel Corporation * Video * Slides
  • Singularity – Container Workflows for Compute, Greg Kurtzer, Sylabs Inc. * Video * Slides
  • The New HPC, Addison Snell, Intersect360 Research * Video * Slides
  • Supercomputing & Simulation ~ Sciences Fourth Pursuit, Steve Oberlin, NVIDIA * Video * Slides
  • Game-Changer for Complex Engineering Applications, Ian Campbell, OnScale Inc. * Video * Slides
  • Pioneering and Democratizing Scalable HPC+AI, Nick Nystrom, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Carnegie Mellon University * Video * Slides
  • SHARP Mellanox Technologies, Devendar Bureddy, Mellanox * Video * Slides
  • Accelerating & Optimizing Machine Learning on VMware vSphere leveraging NVIDIA GPUs, Mohan Potheri, VMware * Video * Slides
  • A Fast, Scale-able HPC Engine for Data Ingest, David Wade, Integral Engineering * Video * Slides
  • Container Mythbusters, Michael Jennings, Los Alamos National Laboratory * Video * Slides
  • Innovative Use of HPC in the Cloud for AI, CFD & LifeScience, Ebru Taylak, UberCloud * Video * Slides
  • Scalable Machine Learning: The Role of Stratified Data Sharding, Srinivasan Parthasarathy, Ohio State University * Video * Slides
  • HPC and Visualization Innovation Manager, Abhishek Gupta, Schlumberger * Video * Slides
  • ASTRA – A Large Scale ARM64 HPC Deployment, Michael Aguilar, Sandia National Laboratories * Video * Slides