New BOXX Deep Learning Workstation has 4 NVIDIA GPUs and 18-core Xeon Processors

Today BOXX Technologies announced the new APEXX W3 compact workstation featuring an Intel Xeon W processor, four dual slot NVIDIA GPUs, and other innovative features for accelerating HPC applications. “Available with an Intel Xeon W CPU (up to 18 cores) in a compact chassis, the remarkably quiet APEXX W3 is ideal for data scientists, enabling deep learning development at the user’s deskside. Capable of supporting up to four NVIDIA Quadro GV100 graphics cards, the workstation helps users rapidly iterate and test code prior to large-scale DL deployments while also being ideal for GPU-accelerated rendering. At GTC, APEXX W3 will demonstrate V-Ray rendering with NVIDIA OptiX AI-accelerated denoiser technology.”